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  1. The weather looks much to nice to be able to hunt geese wish it was like that up here
  2. my buddy is the biggest baby you'll ever find up at 3 hunting ducks but he just got a pair and absolutely loves them. There plenty warm and the best part is there real flexible, unlike my Hodgman waders. There on my extra money after season watch list.
  3. mine gets loose from time to time but never twists itself out... your making me nervous mine could slip out too
  4. Yeah i got mine outa the middle zone too.... but that was opening weekend. Only 3 teal since then.
  5. where at in MO you hunting at webfoot?? the mallards I've gotten didn't look near as pretty as yours
  6. i hear ya its hard to spend the money on the mounts
  7. I know that one on the right is prettier than half of the ducks I've seen on the wall. That's a pretty good preseason start
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