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  1. anyone know what the length of the plug is for a legacy? mine broke and i need to replace it
  2. i made the adjustment on mine and it's right on! the more i shoot my SBE II the more i like it
  3. the 3.5's let you know for sure. i shot a box of them on the last day of the season. sounds like the limbsaver is the way to go for you
  4. that's sad to hear. that's the day i don't look forward to
  5. if your using a slug use only a rifled slug, do not use sabots and use the cylinder choke.
  6. leftyone

    SBE II

    mine came already in the mag when i bought mine in Nov.
  7. I can tell you this, I've never shot the M2 but I have a LH SBE II and I absolutly love it. I've shot everything out of this gun from slugs to #8's and alot of BB and #2 steel shot in between.
  8. I purchased a pair and I've hunted two full days in them 6am when i put them on til 4pm when i got back to my truck. I'm very Impressed and pleased. They are a great set of waders. I sat for most of the day today with ice on them and I was gtg as far as being warm! Very comfortable and plenty of pockets, especially the hand warmer. I wear thin gloves all day now
  9. Try $400 more here, paid $1600 for mine (with tax) and it's been great so far
  10. Split season here as well, unfortunatly the early season is during deer season, not happy about that
  11. That's to bad...thoughts and prayers to them and their family
  12. Anyone have experience with these? pros, cons? I think i'm going to get a pair, started hunting the river and you know who gets to set the dekes. BTW these are the 1600 gram, it's been below freezing here for a week plus
  13. leftyone


    You guys that complain about the recoil of your new Benelli....are you serious?? I'm tired of hearing the recoil on this gun kicks my a$$. If that's the case, buy a 20 ga. I have a SBE 2 and I have shot 3" slugs as well as 3.5" BB for goose this year. this gun kicks no more than any other I have shot or owned. Sorry I just needed to vent
  14. so which one for a SBE II?
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