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  1. Haven't really thought about it. I wanted an M3 with the pistol grip stock when I purchased this one, but it was the only M3 the dealer had. What were you looking to spend for a stock?
  2. I have one available. It's on my new M3 that's been fired six times. I want to purchase a pistol grip stock. Do you have a pistol grip stock in new condition?
  3. Gaybay decided to end my auction for some strange reason, although there is another stock identical to this one listed and it's not the first one listed to be sold by that ebayer. I relisted the stock at the standing bid of $510.00 before it was removed.
  4. It's at $510.00 on ebay. I'm happy if it sells for that.
  5. Easy there turbo. I was making fun of the morons that think these stocks are made of gold.
  6. I have a "new in the box" M4 collapsible stock listed on ebay. I started the bidding at $275.00 with the reserve set at $449.00. The first bidder met my reserve price. If you're searching for one, check out my listing. You might get a deal! Contact me if you want to BUY IT NOW. It can be yours for 100 BILLION dollars. MuaHaha, MuaHaha, MuaHaha!!!!!!
  7. Does anyone know if there is a magazine extension tube that holds more than two rounds for a Benelli M3 (I don't want aluminum)? I would like a three round extension that would be flush with the end of the barrel. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Part # 70085 Never installed In the factory Benelli box Flawless I thought I'd make it available here before listing it on ebay. Make me an offer.
  9. I have one for sale that's never been installed on an M4. It's in the original box. Anyone interested feel free to contact me.
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