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  1. serrated edges remind me of the scalloped tactical flashlights. These are for striking, and can easily break glass or hurt someone. So I guess you could use it to bang glass open if you didn't want to waste a round.
  2. Also note if you have a 3+1 and you go hunting, you should not do this or you'll have some serious explaining to do. LOL
  3. Yeah I did notice after 100 shots fired my Benelli was still chugging away and my shoulder was fine. My left arm did hurt as, well, it IS a tactical/hunting shotgun. LOL I did try someone else's trap gun, and they're noticably lighter. Then again, they're only designed to do one thing. I'm glad mine is more than that. Oh, and I'll probably go with plastic wads next time. Cleaning out the barrel there was a ton of little fibers from the wads. After putting a good amount of Hoppes in there, cleaning it out it looked like black snot. LOL
  4. I shot 4 rounds of trap (100 targets total) and did relatively well. Shoulder was fine (then again, they're not buckshot or slugs...LOL) Just curious, why are there so many haters of Benelli's at the trap line? Everyone is like get a real shotty (and rattle off what they shoot). What's the deal? Why the haters? BTW - I just bought the Benelli case with the extra barrel sleeve and the shell holder (yeah I know it's expensive as heck, but hey I gotta fight the haters passively)
  5. silicone cloth should do the trick.
  6. Oh can someone recommend a good softcase with a strap that has zippers that I can lock? Oh and where do you guys buy clay pigeons from? I've been looking all over google and can't seem to find anything!
  7. it could also just be the euphoria of when you just got a new gun for your collection But in all honesty the guys that have shot my 700p and the M1 are such whiners. Then again those are the guys who drive luxury cars where you can't feel the road. I drive a highly tuned car and love to feel the road and the bumps. I guess I like being one with my machines.
  8. Oh one more thing. Generally what distance are the sights on the Benelli's zeroed at? I'm assuming 100 feet?
  9. yeah the best part is the barrel is so easy to clean. Just take it out! No fuss with boreguides and stuff like my 700p!
  10. As some of you heard, I traded my HK P2000sk LEM for a Benelli M1 Super 90 which just happened to be NYC compliant. Stats: - HK marked imported - 26" bull barrel - full choke - 3+1 capacity - 12 gauge Shot it with 5 shells of 7 1/2 birdshot. Thing is so smooth and recoil is nothing (LOL my .308 shooting match ammo hits harder). I love this thing. The last 2 shots I shot right after the other, which is why that one spot is lower than the rest of the grouping, which is a bit interesting. Muzzle rise was negligible. That tear spot on the 7 ring is where the shot
  11. Yeah I know tell me about it. Anything with a pistol stock here that's semi-auto is a no no.
  12. LOL tell me about it! The rules and regulations are insane. It took me 18 months to get my pistol permit and I have a squeaky clean record! It took another 6 weeks to get the Long barrel license. Only pain is that it's nearly impossible to get ammo here. You have to buy ammo from an FFL, and cannot ship ammo into NYC. Usually this means I have to hike out to NJ, PA, or CT to get my ammo at a decent price. If you want to see how complicated the process is, I've actually written up an FAQ for NYC so that others can go through the convoluted process: http://www.hkpro.com/forum/showth
  13. Also I need a case that'll fit the 26" barrel. Any suggestions? I like how you can buy the hard Benelli case online for $40, but does anyone know if this is airline approved and if you can lock it with a padlock or something?
  14. Breakfree CLP is great as a lubricant and protectant, but I still use good old Hoppes #9 for cleaning. I clean with hoppes, then lubricate with CLP, then protect the metal surfaces with CLP as well. You can get a bottle of it on MidwayUSA, but they also have ones that come in like baby wipe form. This is good for the field or to wipe down your gun.
  15. Hey guys, someone of you may recognize me from the HK forums, but yeah, I just bought a Benelli M1 Super 90 (actually traded it for one of my HK pistols). Luckily I found an M1 that's NYC compliant with fixed stock (non-pistol grip) with a magazine capacity less than 5 (3+1), and a barrel length longer than 16". Now I can finally compete in 3 gun competitions! Just curious, what M2 accessories will fit on the M1? Also if I wanted a replacement barrel or a longer one, does it specifically have to be an M1 barrel or can I use an M2 barrel? Anyone else here from NYC? Most of those t
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