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  1. Well written, ShotgunNoob! If only a quarter of those who will cast a vote on Tuesday would give even half this much thought to ANY issue, the country would be in safe hands -- if they had done it during the primaries, we would have been better off. However, change for the sake of change is what brought Hitler to power in 1930's Germany. Be very careful when that becomes the only reason to vote for a candidate regardless of his or her political affiliation. Not all changes are equal nor desirable.
  2. What exactly do you mean when you say it doesn't like federals? What doesn't work right?
  3. I have read several posts which talk about using Federal ammo and having problems with guns. I am trying to understand if that is a "cause and result" or if it's just a coincident that people happen to mention Federal ammo or if I only (for whatever reason) remember Federal as the brand of shells. From what I have seen in stores around here (Wal-Mart, BassPro, Academy, etc.), Federal is always cheaper than others, but I am hesitant to buy any Federal 20 gauge shells. Your opinions and basis for the opinion would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have been shooting the Cordoba 20 gauge with no problems. I have no sense of recoil with it -- well except that one time I fired too quickly and had it against my upper bicep instead of my shoulder. I have fired up to 50 rounds of Remington #8 shot on one outing several times with no problem. As recommended by Benelli, I did shoot some heavy loads for the first two boxes to break it in -- I assume that didn't hurt.
  5. :)Thanks for the link to the gun cleaning demo/explanation by Tucker301. That was well worth reading. Clear and simple. Well illustrated and explained. Thanks to Tucker301 for providing it and for you, Hogwild, for linking to it.
  6. How important is it (or is it important at all) to oil the outside of the barrel? Some have told me that the gun is finished to be used outdoors so it shouldn't require any oil unless you dropped it in a mudhole or something like that and needed to really clean it.
  7. Could be that you were shooting already and therefore had a hot (i.e., weaker) barrel, whereas on the show it was likely a single, first shot scenario... just an hypothesis.
  8. I have a Cordoba 20ga. which has the Inertia Drive and it's worked without any difficulties shooting over a case of #8 shells in two days.
  9. I keep seeing references to it, but what is CLP? It's like some sort of secret handshake when you get on one of these forums...everyone assumes everyone else knows what they are talking about. I will admit my ignorance. I can make a guess, but why guess when you guys know (or pretend to know) what you are talking about.
  10. Thanks to all for the useful information... sometimes it's the simplest things that screw us up ... I will certainly check local hunting laws before I go hunting anything other than clay.
  11. Well....duh!! Thanks, Banjo! I had never even noticed that aluminum rod; I just thought that was an aluminum "cap" on the end of the magazine tube! So, it is strictly for use when hunting migratory birds? Removing it is not a problem otherwise?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, Jesse. However, the manual says nothing about a magazine plug or how to remove one. Anyone know how to remove the plug? Phil
  13. Strange, but I can only load two shells in my 20 ga Cordoba plus the one in the chamber. Advertizing indicates 4 + 1 but using #8 shells (2 3/4"), the third shell I try to insert into the magazine will only go in about half-way. I have tried loading a shell in the chamber and then the magazine; and I have tried loading shells into the mag before loading one into the chamber. Anyone else experience this? Am I missing something?
  14. That was what I had always thought, so when this salesman was telling me about the oil blowing out of the gun, I thought maybe I had missed something. I guess not; I guess he was just a stupid gun salesman.
  15. After cleaning my Benelli Cordoba 20ga, I was wondering...how much oil is too much oil? What actually needs to be oiled? A gun salesman said he used an entire bottle of oil in his Benelli 12ga and it sprayed oil all over him since he is a lefty. Any thoughts?
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