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  1. Socomguy's mag tube. Thanks for the advice. It is rusting at the weld joint closest to the receiver.
  2. Nice mag tube BUT I have had it installed on my M4 less than a year and it is rusting. The gun is stored inside in a climate conrolled safe and has not ever been fired. Why is it rusting????? I also attempted to install a Vang Comp standoff device and the threads on the mag tube are,evidently, not the same. It will not fit, however it fits easily on the stock mag tube. Just pertinent info for those looking for a M4 mag tube.
  3. I bought and installed a Socom guy produced magazine extension tube for my Benelli M4. It looks great and functions well, however I wanted a Standoff device as well. I bought a standoff device from Vang Comp Systems (the one used by the USMC) and was unable to install it on the end of the mag tube. It screwed about 1/3 of the way down and that was it. I had kept my old stock tube and it fit perfectly on that one. My best guess, after working with it for about an hour, was that the Socom Guy tube is ever so slightly larger than the stock tube. I am now searching for a new mag extension tube tha
  4. I was able to send the email. Thank you
  5. I had the same question. I clicked on his user name and attempted to send an e-mail but it said SOCOMGUY was not receiving emails. Where do I go from here?
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