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  1. Just got my tube today and installed it. Looks awesome. Thanks Socomguy!
  2. I've searched and didn't find the exact answer I was looking for....so here it is: Has anyone run Federal LE Tactical Low Recoil 9 pellet OO Buckshot (LE-132) or Federal LE Tactical Low Recoil Hydra-Shok Slug (LE-127) through their M4? I am wondering if there are any problems cycling that ammo... I have a good lead on a case of each, but don't wanna have cycling issues should I need to use it. Thanks! Darin
  3. I currently have an M4 on hold that I will be picking up on Saturday. It's the last one and they have it on display. What accessories come with it? I don't wanna get shorted.
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