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  1. Yeah, I have a brand new M2 field, my free tactical stock just arrived...I started with three boxes of 00 buck, about 35 1500fps slugs, and another box of 1300 #2 steel shot...then i ran two more boxes of #8 Big 5 cheap stuff...only thing that suffered was the community behind the range at 800 am on Saturday...really like it...and it fired everything...even some random leftover stuff from my ammo bag (from last season) ...OH also super impressed with the patterns...best shotgun I own...
  2. ISDP

    M2 Barrels

    I am also looking for a 21 to 24" barrel, tough to find...
  3. ISDP

    M2 Barrels

    You looking to sell the 21"???
  4. Mind Crime Op Getting rid of your 18" barrel, or that's what it came with on your M2?
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