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  1. I have a Super Nova, about a year and a half old. I too have a problem with the barrel rusting. I have to take a rag with oil on it and wipe the barrel when duck hunting. I also have a problem with mis firing. I have tried everything mentioned on this site, but nothing works, it still fires when it wants to. Now, I have a friend who has a Super Nova thats about 5 years old and no problems at all. Something was changed in the last 2 years and the quality went in the toilet for the Super Nova, and I see complaints about the Stroger 2000 firing when it wants. But Benelli hasnt said a thing about the problem, or that they will look into it.
  2. It seems from other boards that the Super Nova has a problem, mine included. I have tried different shells, held the slide to make sure it was closed before I fired, striped the gun and cleaned it. Still the pin will dent some shells and not fire. I am sure someone from Benelli reads these boards. How about some input, as to how we can get the pin assembly replaced with ones that fire. Stand behind your guns and help those who have bought your products.
  3. dukmann2


    As yet, no. I will take the gun apart this week when I have the time. Was hoping someone has had this problem before and knew what to do to correct it. Thanks.
  4. dukmann2


    Is there a way to increse the force of the firing pin to the shell? I have a Super Nova that just recently started to fire maybe every fifth shell. Its a new box of Kents #2 steel. I also had the problem with Federal shells, so I bought a new box of Kents thinking it may have been the shells. The gun is 1 year old. Won from a D.U. dinner. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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