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  1. wow doesn`t surprise me why should they know anything about them, all they do is sell them
  2. no not junk ,there are duds from everything manufactured what i`m saying is their backing of their product and their customer service beyond bad unacceptable
  3. 1. from my dealer of 18 years new in the box 2.yes i`m not an idiot3. do some research like i did the misfires are an ongoing issue people are being fed crap like: must be the ammo "are you sure you pushed the pump far enough ahead:some primers stick out further than others all crap benelli needs to address the issue the release latch does not hold the bolt housing ahead far enough to engage firing pin. by the way i spent 8 years in the canadian infantry i know guns
  4. been trying to reach benelli for 5 weeks to no avail just want rid of the benelli and all the headaches that go with it.the bolt doesn`t fall out of battery it is perfectly locked up. bolt housing assembly falls away from the bolt by 1/8 of an inch causing the light firing pin strikes
  5. finally someone who understands thank you runtaylor
  6. so your saying that i should have have to hold the pump arm forward to have to shoot:rediculous, when i pick up my gun to shoot at waterfowl i should not have to worry if im holding the pump enough so it will shoot. i have been hunting for 32 years with pumps and semi and i can honestly tell you that i have never had to hold an action closed to fire.take a supernova apart and you will see that the pump relrase latch does not hold the bolt assembly forward enough to ensure a proper firing pin strike,thus the 1/8 of an inch difference . 1/8 on a firing pin not striking is just not acceptable not
  7. same problem the pump falls back 1/8 of an inch causing bolt to separate from bolt assembly creating short strikes. the reason is the release latch it doesn`t hold the bolt in place usually on first shot .i`m very angry about it my supernova is only 4 months old
  8. i have a 4mo. old supernova barely 3 boxes through it ,i have had 13 misfires mostly on first shots and 3 hangfires .here`s the problem the pump forearm falls 1/8 of an inch the bolt is locked up in the chamber but when the pump falls it separates the bolt assembly from the bolt by 1/8 of an inch . the primers dented lightly so the firing pin is short striking because of the separation . gun is spotless and not overly lubed. i have always owned beretta guns and never had trouble now i`m thinking i should take back the supernova as i am very dissatisfied need some advice .ps i baught it after v
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