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  1. Save it all for the end of the season then it gets turned into Pepperoni
  2. I have used my nova for an ice breaker, walking stick at times (flooded cow fields are not easy to walk in) cripple bonker, and it still works fine. Never heard of the oar thing though....
  3. NovaDucker

    Firing Pin

    on the action "block" there is a screw looking pin, pull that and the firing pin and spring come out. simple as that.
  4. novas are chambered in 3 1/2 aswell. everythings the same other than the stock deal
  5. sounds like yours is looser than mine. mine does not fall out of battery, i have to pull back on my forearm for it to come out. sounds like mine is tighter than yours, and it is not on all of them, my buddy has one and does not have the problem. maybe something needs to be tightened up or something.
  6. the problem it sounds like is the same one i had. you just have to make sure that the forearm is all of the way forward. there is enough play there so that if it is pulled back at all, it will not hit the primer hard enough. when you shoulder the gun, make sure the forearm is all of the way forward, problem fixed.
  7. people say that the guns kick like mules. when i am swinging on a duck or a clay, i feel no recoil at all. the only time i do is when i am setting up and waiting for it. its hard to explain. i decided i could go without the interchangeable stocks and saved $100 and went with the nova. and they are chambered in 3 1/2"
  8. its not a problem now that i am aware of it. maybe mine is just a little tighter, but it doesnt fall back unless you pull on it. so i just make sure that it is forward when i pull it up to fire.
  9. basically the only difference is the option to change stocks. so you can do pistol grip, standard, tactical etc.
  10. got all we got was those 2. i will try to draw a diagram of the area. that will help you to see why we dont have much of a chance for many birds jump shooting. headed out right this morning too, good luck. cant upload the pic, do you have an email i can send it to?
  11. went out and took the dekes but didnt use them. got a late start as we both over slept a little. got there right about shooting time and got to the first gate and jumped a group of Gadwall. he wasnt loaded, but i was and took 2. maybe he will learn one day that there is always ducks in the ditch on the way out. again the newby beats the experienced one.
  12. the waders wasnt a big deal he had them to go for a bird if needed. this is all public areas, so its hard to predict where they will be as there is another area a 1/4 mile southeast of this one that has a lot of open water. he will learn one day to listen to me, but im the newbie and i dont know anything and he knows everything lol.
  13. i have no complaints about the fasteel, its all ive shot all season. i shoot 3 1/2 from my nova, and they drop birds. i havnt taken any really long shots with them yet, as most have been at decoying birds or jump shooting. got 2 boxes of 3" to burn up, hoping i have as good of results with them. cant beat the price either.
  14. yeah he figured there would be no one, and we would be able to just jump shoot. i knew there would be people decoy hunting, but once again he wouldnt listen. on the walk out we met a nice guy who offered to go out to a pond with us and he had dekes, but i didnt have my waders on since we were just jump shooting. my neighbor and a friend went out today and they both limited. took em 8 hours of hunting, but they got all 14. heading out tomorrow with him, hoping for similar results but in less time.
  15. havnt gotten a limit yet this year. was bad today, buddy didnt think there would be anyone out so he said no decoys, after i insisted, well there was 3 rigs in the lot and guy setting up dekes. it payed off for them good today, he got an earful of that one. dont know anyone that has gotten a limit from the area we hunt, not a lot of birds, and they found a flooded field that no one is allowed to hunt, so they sit there. we still havnt gotten the push of birds we should have by now, hopefully it gets good. lots of wigeon up here.
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