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  • Birthday 11/12/1957

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    29 years so far in LE.
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    Los Angeles, California
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    Enjoy the Art and Workmanship of Firearms and their accoutrements.
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    Tactical M4 Instructor. Instructor Ticket punched in Pistol/Rifle/SubGun/Shotgun/Sniper/AntiSniper

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  1. No markings on the "lower receiver". Hk on the BBL/ "upper receiver" (Arlington).
  2. Anyway to figure the manufacture date on these? It has the Hk, Arlington VA on the receiver and a 6 digit SN# 203XXX
  3. Thanks. I will keep my eyes open for SL80 stocks.
  4. I was able to purchase back my original 121M1 yesterday. It's been at least 20 years! Really would like to put a recoil pad on it, suggestions? Was there a direct screw on? What stocks fit the 121M1? Anything available? Thanks in advance for the info, been a while since I played here. Mike
  5. No interest? Bottom falling out of the pistol grip market? Mg
  6. I have a fresh take off pistol grip stock (great condition) that I would like to trade for a straight stock or sell. PM me if you're interested... Mike [ATTACH=CONFIG]909[/ATTACH]
  7. The first time I tried it wouldn't take "M4" I had to do M Four, but I think it was because of the AR variation M4, anyhow, it never sold and they go for around $175 on GB. Was trying to pay off some Christmas debt ( bought the kids a X Box 360 and Beatles Rock Band, OMG that was expensive!!!) anyhow.... Mg
  8. So true. I guess I'll put it back in the parts bin! Mg
  9. Had a new in the package M4 +2 OEM tube for sale on eBay (81043p), put it up for $175 (checked here first and thought that was fair) went through the whole time without a bid. Surprising. Was just hoping to get what I paid for a used one last year! Mg
  10. Sold the one on eBay for 197.50 Put a second one up for a $200 Buy it now, if anyones interested... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120516020307 It's my last one. If you are a member here I'll ship for free. Mike
  11. Christmas cost a bit more than planned!!! Selling a NIB PN# 81043P on the eBay for $175. Let a pal know..... Mike Sorry Tucker, here it is... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120514015522
  12. "Bro" Thank you for proving that if common sense was common, everyone would have it, do what you wish, it's your booking number. But I can't leave without one last edification... A) I doubt you know "many hundreds of people" who do this or anything else. B) WE that are LEOs are exempt from the provision. As it states in the sections of LAW quoted above. C) Show me in the provision where it states you may "repair" a magazine.... Again an interpretation Take care Newbie, Mg Oh and "Bro" download a spell check program, you're selling yourself short.
  13. Ahhhh, another interpetation of the law that is self serving. If you are not covered by one of the exemptions (see some of them below) ... If you did not possess a large-capacity magazine in California before January 1, 2000, you may not have it now If the gun (and its matching magazines) did not exist before January 1, 2000, you shouldn't have large-capacity magazines for it now (e.g. Springfield XD, first marketed in 2002 [as distinct from the 1999 HS2000]. You shouldn't be prosecuted for possession/use, but the timing can't be explained A contrary example: a legally possessed in California pre-1994 Para-Ordnance magazine may fit a post-2000 Para pistol - the gun didn't exist before 2000, but a magazine that fits the gun did -- This is a gray area, you may have this one - no logical contradiction.) No one in or out of California may transfer a large-capacity magazine to a non-LEO California resident The relevant Penal Code is 12020(a)(2) Prohibited actions: manufacture or cause to be manufactured import into the state keep for sale offer or expose for sale give lend Note that it is not prohibited to own a large-capacity magazine possess a large-capacity magazine use a large-capacity magazine, in whatever gun* repair a legally possessed large-capacity magazine (and, necessarily, to acquire the parts to make the repair -- remember it only makes sense to buy parts kits for existing legally-possessed large-capacity magazines) (* Old magazine, new-ish magazine, old gun, new gun - all irrelevant; remember also the 10-round limit on fixed magazine OLL, a different law.) Large-capacity magazines manufactured during the now-defunct Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device ban of 1994-2004 were marked 'Law Enforcement Only'. There are reasons one might legally have possessed them in California before 2000, but it is also legal to have the magazine bodies as repair parts for your other magazines. There are exceptions in 12020(b), (b)(19)-(32) notably (23) The importation of a large-capacity magazine by a person who lawfully possessed the large-capacity magazine in the state prior to January 1, 2000, lawfully took it out of the state, and is returning to the state with the large-capacity magazine previously lawfully possessed in the state. (b)(19) exempts LE agencies (b)(20) exempts LEOs (b)(21) exempts CA-licensed FFLs (b)(22) exempts loans so long as the lender stays nearby (b)(27), (b)(28) and (b)(29) exempt "entities that operate armored vehicle businesses" who buy large-capacity magazines, lend them to their employees or receive them back The crux of this is INTENT and common sense, replacing a magazine body with a PMag body will probably not fly as a repair... Mg
  14. I thought the barrel port question had to do with light loads... The 4-port barrels were made for low brass target loads and less than lethal stuff? Mike
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