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  1. Chad, I've done some reading and research. After premeiring at the SHOT show this month, they are supposed to start shipping in mid- to late-January. Some believe their offering the Magnum Blend, which is a duplex load (5x6x7), is in response to the handloaded Nitro loads out of Missouri. Some people say that the 5's in the load are for the hunter, the 6's (and really the 7's) are for the turkey and are what's doing the dirty work. Maybe the biggest "revolution" with this shell, is that E.M. finally stepped the speed from 1090 to 1200 fps!!! Handloaders have been doing this for year
  2. I've always done it. If I think I'll have more than a couple of minutes before he arrives; first thing I do is clear out debris at the base of the tree, next I get out the pruning shears and trim brush, grass, etc., then off comes the sling. I guess it boils down to two things: (1) I don't want it to catch against my leg if I have to reposition, switch knees, etc., and (2) I don't want it to worry about it swinging/swaying if I need to do a quick re-position on a bird.
  3. How did u get a normal post put on the steady grip? I always take my sling off as soon as I set up. If I couldn't take the sling off with the steady grip installed, it would def be a deal breaker for me.
  4. Can anyone explain how the system works to use a sling with the Steady Grip? I'm having a tough time imagining it with what I can see in pics. Thanks, Eric
  5. Thanks… what do you mean by cheek weld? Comb?
  6. I have a 26" left-handed SBE II in Realtree APG. Any issues putting a steady grip on a LH gun? I only ask because, as other Southpaws can probably relate to, I've had plenty of things in life say "Fits all models," only to find out that it doesn't include the lefty version! Any fellow leftys done this modifcation to their SBE II?? Thanks in advance folks. Eric
  7. I am wondering if anyone has replaced the front bead on their SBE2 with a Hi-Viz Magni-Optic sight? If so, any issues with the installation and/or with the middle bead getting in the way? Any suggestions, advice, or information is appreciated. Thanks!
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