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  1. Got your site bookmarked. I already planned on getting one of your mag tubes, didn't know you were working on the stock also. Great. I can get both items from one source. You may want to consider, down the road after you get the M4s done, to see if you can make something similar for the other M series shotguns. I just sold my M1 to recoup some of hte added cost for my new M4. If there were a collapsable stock for my M1 I would have kept it. I can imagine there are thousands of people that would do the same. Gods speed my friend. I have a feeling you only have a certain ammount of time before the window closes.
  2. Does anyone know if an aftermarket company is working on a collapsable stock kit for the M4? I realize there are AR15 types out there, but I'm specifically interested in one that is just like the Benelli version. I would thnk that there is a market for these and someone like MagPull would be all over this like a hobo on a ham-on-rye.
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