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  1. I guess I am weak!! I came back to see what disparaging things are still said about my posting!!. Lets reflect--I said it was an origional collapsing stock M4--not almost like, not looks like a collapsable stock, not aftermarket,not cobbled, bla, bla, bla, but is in fact a collapsable stock M4--it escapes me why that is hard to understand. Moreover I repeaditly asked for folks to look at the bloodly photos--yes the one on the end of the box that is the only place the model number is listed--it aint on the gun and it is not any of the numbers Mr. Dugan mentioned--go figure.!! Is it easier to put people down than allow them the courtesy to ask for the photos--if one could can afford to buy and/or was even interested. Apparently there are many such guns out there from years back; however, they do not show up for sale on Gunbroker, etc, etc. Did see one last week that went for 29 something or other. It would appear they may be difficult to obtain unless in law enforcement at the current time. either way, the wording apparently clear to those of us that were not so knowledgable. Been on your site a lot in the past and thought, until now, that it was user friendly and one to be proud of Either way it was purchased by someone that had not been able to find one before. Cheers!
  2. youall win, had enough complaining. Sorry I bothered you that are so more knowledgable than I am.
  3. youall win, had enough complaining. Sorry I bothered you that are so more knowledgable than I am.
  4. youall win, had enough complaining. Sorry I bothered you that are so more knowledgable than I am.
  5. It was apparently an inappropriate question. Having said that, since I had not been on this site for quite a while, I would have assumed/hoped someone would have gone to the trouble to make the specific request to ATF in the past long time. Would have seemed a pretty simple thing to do for one of the more knowledgable members. From past experience, U S Attorneys do not subscribe to the theory that "forgiveness is easier to get than permission"! I have no interest in even being in a "gray" area of the law--not worth it to me. Either way, I appreciate the thoughts and responses.
  6. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone now or past; however, unless the response is specific to the part added and from ATF, then there is no answer yet--at least for my use. Ad nausum debates are fun; however, generally dont provide anything but our "opinions"--mine is worthless for the most part, without supporting data. Again no disrespect at all to anyone.
  7. Sorry. I am not in California and I was asking as it relates to Federal Statutes and/or rulings. No disrespect, but it appeared the Benelli site that discusses M4's and one piece extention tubes would be appropriate?
  8. Sir, I have been using ported Browning Sporting clays guns and ported Benellis for years. As far as I know, I nor anyone else has experienced a problem. Logically if in a duck blind if shots necessitate such a swing that the end of the barrel begins to be adjacent to another hunter; however, still safe the noise is more than disturbing. I am sure under that circumstance the porting may enhance the noise. Taking that type of shot, albeit possibly safe, is not a good plan for either party. Cheers!
  9. Would appreciate any definitive update information if adding a Benelli or aftermarket mag exention to the collapsible stock M4 is legal? Has anyone ever a written ATF response to this question? Thanks
  10. maybe I was unlucky or you were lucky. Business who sold stock kit took it back because they had continuous complaints the same. Go figure!
  11. Sir, Since not being able to add collapsable stock parts kit(less tube) successfully to a 11707 several years ago is a fact---stock will not collapse as there is/was no flat area on tube. Since one poster suggest "the other fella" is apparently so wrong. Then the most logical thing is to follow the advice of M1014 and try it out to see. That way you will not have to listen to all us know-it-alls!
  12. For heavens sake, market value is simply what the item will bring on the open market. Is now and always been so!
  13. As of last year, based on trying it, it will fit but not collapse
  14. No disrespect to anyone; however, a shotgun is properly shouldered with the focus on the target. However, if shooting at a turkey head, for instance, and aiming down the rib like a rifle sight from a bench rest, how it is shouldered is meanless, for all practical purposes, except for recoil feel--stock properly in the "pocket" between point of shoulder and chest. The impact should be spot on. In wing shooting, keeping the focus on the clay/target is crucial, gun fit can be very important. Using the stock inserts, if needed, fix a large blank paper at 25 yds with a clay size spot in the middle. Focus on the clay, not the bbl, shoulder the gun properly and shoot--not aim! Impact will represent were your body points the gun and it can be adjusted by the shims. Absolutely must point, not aim or sight, therein the body follows the focus. If aiming off a bench rest does not cause proper impact send it to Benelli. If it does impact properly from the bench then Google for wing shooting books, gun fitting and/or video tapes. "Shooting Straight" by Brit master wing shooting instructor Roger Silcox is extremely good--in video form. All of the above can be accomplished with 1/2 box of shells. OR go to a sporting clays range and have their instructor help you--a few dollars and immediate answers.
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