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  1. fatso


    i thought you asked if i tried it on waterfowl that was my reply
  2. fatso


    i shot 3.5 ,3,2-3/4 allcycled well only taken it for coyotes so far
  3. alittle oil and the gun fired all loads pefectly
  4. fatso


    thanks t dagget my gun is gas operated spring on tube .i called benelli today tey said there is an adjustment on tube . ill try that and see if it works . thanks
  5. fatso


    thanks for info i called benelli and they said there is an adjustment on mag tube so ill try to see if it works my uncle has sbe also works good with all loads my franchi is gas opoerated with spring on the tube thanks
  6. fatso


    anyone fire dove loads from diamond hunter mine wont cycle shells
  7. has anyone had trouble firing doveloads from diamond hunter franchi
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