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  1. I sent the barrel of my M2 Tactical to Benelli 10 weeks ago because of a problem with the finish popping off. I received a reply that they had received it. Estimated repair 2-3 months. Can one of the members tell me what was their repair time line regarding repairs. It seems to me that 3 months is totally excessive. Thanks for your input
  2. Yes it does include the spring and the follower. I am very pleased with the product and find the quality to be excellent.
  3. 1. Chances of marring the end of the barrel are reduced should the choke be stuck or if is removed in haste. 2. The extended choke will give you a holding point and reduce the amount of choke tube grease on your hands. 3. Some choke tube companies print the choke restriction on the tube extension for quick identification. Great for sporting clays.
  4. DOC49

    M2 Mag Extension

    Yes you can. The correct DMW tube for the M2 Tactical 18.5 BBL is the +7 tube. This tube will measure 8.5" and will be even with the end of your barrel. This will give you a capacity of 7+1.
  5. I have a Benelli Tactical M2, 18.5 Barrel with the factory +2 tube extension. I would like to install a Nordic Components Plus 4 Magazine Tube Extension. Will this Nordic extension extend beyone the end of the barrel? Also, I will need a replacement sling plate to be mounted below the Nordic tube. I want to keep the original factory +2 extension intact. Can anyone recommend a sling plate that can be used with the Nordic Component tube. Thank you again for your input.
  6. Thank you for answering my question DOC49
  7. Creeper: How did you remove the excess metal from the screws to allow proper barrel fit. Thanks
  8. I just purchased a new M2 Tactical. I am considering installing a MESA Tactical 6 round shellholder. This MESA model attaches to the receiver via the pre drilled screw holes. This model also incorporates a mounting rail. Can you provide me with your satisfaction with this model on the M2. Thank you for your input.
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