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  1. My order was delivered on saturday but I was asleep...so I had to wait til monday to pick it up from the post office. As everyone else has mentioned here on this forum...quality, fit and finish are unparalleled. Kip really does make some great titanium tubes! I am very very satisfied with this product, well worth the 3 month wait! Thanks Kip, keep up the good work!
  2. I had lots of cycling issues with my new M4 as well. But after 200-300 rounds and plenty of lube its hasn't had a hiccup since. I'm currently at 900 rounds of walmart cheapies and about 200 rounds of buckshot/slugs. I seemed to only have problems with the cheap ammo. I agree with the others that you may just need to "break it in". I also noticed that if my stance/grip on the gun was lax it made the problem worse.
  3. I just ordered myself a titanium tube from Kip. Looking forward to seeing his quality products first hand .
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