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  1. The owners manual says " tighten the barrel locking cap onto the cylinder guide pin and tighten it firmly until the barrel-receiver-cover unit is perfectly locked against the receiver" So tighten it all the way
  2. Trying to decide on which to get a Leupold VX-II 3-9X50 or a Zeiss 3-9X50. I have heard some say the cross hairs on the Zeiss are very thin and hard to see in low light?


    Thats all I was trying to say, there is a definate advantage to the 3 1/3". And I like the look of the Vinci, but why no 3 1/2" ?


    You must not shoot canada's in dec. ------------ I have dropped many geese that people have shot at with 3" mag loads and were able to bring down in one shot. You should look at some info from ammo makers on the advantages of 3 1/2" 12 ga. shells vs. 3". Most guys I know have switched from 10 ga. to the 3 1/2 " 12 ga. due to the price of ammo. when you shoot 2 or 3 cases a year it adds up quickly. 10 ga. shotguns used to rule in the goose hunting world but many have seen that the 3 1/2" 12 ga. is so close to the proformance of the 10 ga. they gave up there SP 10's. Please stick to your ducky shooting ---------- that's what they make 20 ga. for !!!!!!!!


    Not bad to look at but common no 3.5". You need that extra 1/2" to drop geese in the late fall when they have a good layer of down. I think this gun was made for old farts that can't swing or take the hit from a real cannon like my SBE II. And who takes their gun to their bind in a hard case??? what good is the quick take down feature??? Why make a mid level gun your new end all to be all.
  6. That is one sweet A$$ looking gun, I keep thinking of doing somthing to my NOVA with the paint. My SBE II is max4 and I rarely use it at the range. I have thought of getting the barrell plated but ...........
  7. I don't have my R1 yet but with my old pump nothing shot better than winchester supreme elite
  8. I have a SBE II and it has had well over 500 arounds of 1-1/8 oz. 3 dram loads fired from it and NEVER had a problem! I shoot the cheapest loads I can find for skeet and trap. I don't remember seeing anything lighter than 1-1/8 oz. at my local shop. Maby they are only in more $$ loads, so that's why i have not seen them.
  9. What do you have / recomenened using on a R1 for a scope. Thinking of a Leupold 3-9x50. I don't know if a 50mm scope is too big, don't want scope too high on the gun. Can't find a 45mm in my price range and a 40mm seems kind of small to me. But???
  10. Thanks for the advice and the pic. That is a sweet looking R1 , love the wood they use no cheap SXR crap. I don't know if that will work for me it look's like it is a little far ahead for me. Do you know what the differance is between the high and x high 1/8" 1/4" it does not say on the site.
  11. Tactical In the tactical world, performance is mandatory—there is no compromise. Whether it's intense training or real-life action, you need your zero to stay true. These aircraft-grade aluminum tactical rings feature six points of contact for maximum security and are designed to withstand the most grueling environments imaginable. If you demand the most from your tactical scope, demand Weaver. Part NumberDescription483501" HIGH MATTE483511" X-HIGH MATTE4835230MM HIGH MATTE
  12. do you think i can get away with the high rings or do i need the x-high?
  13. Canada goose hunting is the thing I look foward to the most each fall. We have thousands and thousands of them here in the fall. We mostly have them made into pepperetts and my favorite jerkey ( it's like a big hunk of bacon ) a little pricy but well worht the $.
  14. I would love to get that scope, but it's not in cards for now
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