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  1. just found some pics tucker had posted, must have just overlooked it all this time.
  2. Later on during the day duck hunting yesterday my SBEII starting stovepiping (The next loaded shell is sticking out of the breach at a 90 angle not the empty). It had been raining so the internals were getting milky from oil mixing with rain. So today I break it down to clean it and notice a slot in the bottom of the inertia bolt that I never remember seeing before. Did i just miss it before or did a piece fall out? I posted in my album here http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/album.php?albumid=144
  3. not really, but im not a master duck caller or anything like that, only started duck calling last september. Its really just a matter of preference. I also hunt different terrain than you do
  4. blue diamond wood and poly, and no I haven't blown an xlt. I have blown a single reed coca, it was ok. My next call will prolly be an acrylic RNT Daisy Cutter. I have blown two and liked both.
  5. I have one, pretty flat sounding in the flooded timber. Do u hunt open water exclusively?
  6. I will, thanks for the help Dennis
  7. The inertia spring in my SBEII rattles some front to back in the bolt of my SBEII, is this normal? fairly new gun, only about 125 light loads and 35 magnums shot through it. thanks Dennis
  8. DennisB


    Its not even left hand friendly with the safety in front of the trigger. Im happy i bought an SBEII
  9. sorry to bring back an old thread but i am having the same issue. any ideas? thanks Dennis
  10. Never questioned the mechanics of the browning, just didn't want to buy a gun that would peel. Also i never really could shoulder the silver very well. I would always have the gun titled to the left at a 45 degree angle. The benelli went right on just about each time
  11. thanks for the help Dennis
  12. This is one reason i bought an sbeII and not a silver, I actually called browning cs to ask them if they peeled, the guy got real ticked and told me that he had never heard of them peeling. I thought that was bs. So i bought a benelli.
  13. I wanting to put a bigger front dot sight on my SBEII, i was thinking about a truglow fat bead, so does the front sight screw in and if so what size are the threads, if not, how else could i attach a new sight behind the factory one and what do you guys suggest? thanks Dennis
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