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  1. I would say he's right. http://forum.gon.com/showthread.php?t=349797
  2. Here's a 3" circle drawn around the desnsest part of the patterns.
  3. Shot these awhile back sighting in my new Bushnell Trophy red/green dot scope. These were back to back shots at 40yds with a 10" circle drawn around the densest part of the pattern.
  4. Brad C.


    Here's one more. 40yds 10" circle
  5. I'm looking for the picture.
  6. I'm thinking about putting one on my 835. But it shoots pretty good as is. Some chokes will shoot to different point of impact.
  7. Brad C.


    I shot some last Wed. I'll post some pictures in a bit.
  8. Indian Creek makes a grea choke.
  9. That is pretty good. Here's a guy I know with straight #7 Hevi-Shot reloads that he loads himself. This is a 10" circle drawn around the densest part of the pattern at 40yds. I think this was a 2 and 1/4oz load. Well I have to have 5 posts to post a picture here. I'll show it to you in a bit.
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