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  1. I agree 100%, and I'm not saying that I'm not happy with the results, but I just really don't understand how some people are getting the results they get using off the shelf chokes and ammo.
  2. I finally got out and shot the new Hevi-Shot choke tube. I was shooting from 40 yards and measuring the pellets in an 11" circle. I shot my best group using the Remington Hevi-shot 3" #6. I put 177 pellets in the 11" circle. The next best was the Hevi-shot 3 1/2 #6, with 158 pellets in the 11" circle. I was initially dissapointed with the results, until I read an article in the April issue of Outdoor Life. The article compared the test results of the Hevi-shot choke with several other brands of choke tubes using different loads. The test results were consistent with the results that I exprerie
  3. I used the Jellyhead with my first SBE and it worked really well. When I purchased my SBE II, I purchased another Jellyhead, but I have not had the same results. The pattern really opened up regardless of the ammo used. I just purchased one of the Hevi-shot Turkey chokes and it is .667. I called and spoke with one of the Techs and he said that during testing they found that .660 was to much constriction for the SBE II and that the .667 worked really well with all of there turkey loads. He said that some people were even reporting good results using the Dead Coyote loads with the Turkey choke.
  4. Benelli Pistol Grip stock for M2/SBE II $125 I bought this for my SBE but decided that I like the straight stock more.
  5. barometric hooked me up with this web sight for Benelli M4 ext tubes. proforceonline dot com. You really have to search, but they have the tubes on sale for $72. PM me and I can send you the direct link.
  6. Michael Palombi I'm intersted in the plus 2 ext. PM sent
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a try
  8. premethrin +100 I got Lyme Disease two years ago. If you ever get it you won't go in the wood now without treating your clothing with some form of premethrin.
  9. Try the EGW picatinny mount. SWFA has it for $29.95
  10. Would you be intersted in trading the weaver base for an M4 base?
  11. There was one on M4carbines the other day with two barrels, one had Ghost ring front and a 28" vent rib
  12. Bondster

    SBE II Safety

    Has anyone had any issues with the safety on their SBE II? The one on mine is extremly hard to take off safe. I've had a M1 and SBE and never had a problem. Thanks
  13. LA Police Gear has the Diplomat Gear Bags $29.99 for the 36"and $34.99 for the 44". If I hadn't just purchased two of the 5.11 bags I would pick one of these up.
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