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  1. Same here in North Carolina... the temps have been a little on the warm side and the ducks are basically non existant, this really sucks because last year was awesome and I was really looking forward to slaying them this year with my new Benelli!
  2. What do you guys think is the best shell-choke combination for shooting coyotes?
  3. I live in an area where we predominately hunt wood ducks, and I am considering purchasing a wood duck call any suggestions?
  4. Im not saying it kicked really hard, im just saying it felt to me as if kicked a little more than my sbe2; but this could be because all of the recoil is straight back on the vinci, whereas my sbe2 has slightly more muzzle jump and the kick isn't as straight back. However I'm no gun expert im just goin on feel here.
  5. I shot my friends vinci just the other day and here are my thoughts on it: I like the way it looks; however I wish I could say I enjoyed shooting it I found the trigger pull to be a little tight for my liking, also I think it actually kicked harder then my sbeII, plus the safety was extremely awkward to me, and I didnt like the fore end egronomics. This is just my opinion but ill stick with my sbeII for now.
  6. I have also seen a sbe2 in MODB at my local dealer, he said the gun was a "shot show special edition" but I dont see why Realtree allowed Benelli to do a special edition in MODB.
  7. Thanks for everyone's advice I ended up getting the superblack eagle II and so far i have put 8 boxes of 3 dram 1 1/8 oz 7 1/2 shot through it with no problems at all, this gun is awesome. I'm looking forward to duck and goose season!
  8. I had my heart set on getting a super black eagle II until i heard that they sometimes jam on low brass shells. I will be mostly waterfowl hunting but i also want to be able to shoot skeet and doves with it. Does anyone have a Super Black Eagle II that can give me some insight on this.
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