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  1. I ordered mine through Mike's Armory Store www.mikesarmory.com/store I waited about 3 weeks, for it to come in and then he shipped it to my FFL. He orders direct from Henry. Price was $770 shipped.
  2. Anybody have experience/knowledge with the Sidearmor Mod 2 Full length rail being compatible with the Surefire M80? I'm going to pick up the new mod 2 but trying to decide if I want the full length or not. It's a lot of rail estate but I don't know that it will be worth the weight or that I would even occupy it with anything. If though it is non compatible it would make my decision easier.
  3. speod

    M4 Handguard

    Don't forget about the Brugger and Thomet (Swiss made but manufactured in the US- so I was told) little pricey but very solid.
  4. Great news Kip - now I'm eager to get my hands on the rail and a new bolt knob.
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