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  1. same thing happened to me, can't remenber how i put gun together but it fits me real well and i shoot it very good. my best guessis the R will give a slight right to the cast and a L will give a slight left cast. The hole orientation up will lower the drop slightly and the hole orientation down will bring the drop up slightly????
  2. Okay boys, i just came into a chunk of money, so i ordered a Benelli Performance shop SBE II turkey special, it will take 6-8 weeks but be here for turkey season. Gooble - boom! OH YEA.
  3. I agree with mudhen i've patterned jellyhead and rhino both pattern very well with winchester xtended range. I use the rhino, i figured since i spent the extra bucks to go ahead and use it.
  4. I just ordered some H517 Nitro loads from Wing Supply, I've orderd from them before, check em out.
  5. i have sbr2 use rhino choke, jelly head used also, both chokes pattern very well with winchester xtended range 5 shot
  6. I'll post pic or turkey and gun together when i get chance.
  7. just thought i'd let you all know my benelli vinci has one tom turkey notch on it. i'm a big benelli fan, bought my vinci 2 weeks ago, bagged it's first turkey a week later.
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