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  1. Best pricing I have found is $78.95, anyone know a better deal or a place that has MIL discount that can beat it by a few bucks?
  2. Im looking into adding new Mepro's to my M4, adding them to my M3, and also MAYBE adding a mini reddot to the my, something that will co-witness Will the Mepro's be the same for the M3 & M4? For the red dot, Im thinking either Dr Optic, Burris fastfire, or trijicon mini reddot reflex What are your thoughts, opinions, and information?
  3. NvrenufRR

    memorial day

    Many thanks to those that have fought for mine and ALL Americans Freedoms. "ALL Gave Some, SOME gave ALL" Be proud of your accomplishments and services, Best wishes to those family members and families, my wife, and everyone else who has/is served/serving for all of US.
  4. Thank you for the link, I have found a M1014 for my needs. This site will come in handy though for some other needs.
  5. Well, if you did, all the power to ya, youll be sitting on them awhile, they may be rare, but not sought very hard which is why they are so rare. I think I am going to find one cheaper through my FFL from Benelli cheaper, if not, I have to go this route, I think the M3 with this barrel will be much better than the standard 18.5, plus the added benefit of a more versatile Benelli is a nice feature, the M3 will have it ALL at this point
  6. http://www.impactguns.com/store/650350600469.html The field models had the choked barrels, but they are very much unseen and hard to find for replacement
  7. I found a Benelli M3 26" Field Barrel with Chokes online that I have been searching for a while, but is $500 worth it? These are RARE to find, at least for me, I searched hi and lo to find one for a while with no luck, but now that I have found one, Im wondering about the pricing pitch
  8. I cant get APW's site to pull up, does anyone have a link?
  9. Thye 2nd Choice is the one my friend sold, man that shotgun was a dream to shoot, I still bust his ball$ for NOT selling it to me, this is the one I will be getting, I thought it was the SBE II, but now that I verified, I MUST HAVE
  10. Wondering if Benelli has the Milled tubes for sale for replacement and what cost might be? Also, what is involved and how hard is it to replace to the tube
  11. Searching through, I have found I guess you identify it through the barrel, about on top of the piston there will be holes, Mine has 2 holes, so its a 2 port I guess
  12. I am wondering, I thought the posrts were the pistons, but to make sure, how can I tell which # of ports I have on my M1014 Commemerative edition? Where is it that I am looking, at the base of the piton towards the buisness end there is 4 holes on each piston, does mean I have the 4 port version? If it is, Does Benelli switch to the 2 port version under waranty? I guess it all comes down to the gun for how it will cycle, but what say you about this and what will most likely be the outcome? If someone can post a picture of the port location for identification and any informa
  13. So, would I be correct in assuming that if I took the 8+1+1 increased capacity, I would not have to depress this leverand the gun would cycle properly through all the rounds?
  14. I dont know where I got the idea of 3 1/2 shells in the Vinci, I must have made a misunderstanding somewhere I do think I will be going with the SBE II
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