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  1. Tucker, I think I will disappoint you ... I'm not gonna use this rifle for target shooting and the main purpose of placing some shooting info here was to show that R1 can shoot accurately. We both know some "general" concerns about R1's accuracy and you personally helped me to resolve some of them. I bought this rifle mainly for deer but I will be hunting moose and bear this year with it. Now I know that for this purpose I can use my R1 successfully and I even wouldn't hesitate to make 400-500 yards shots if needed. But this rifle wasn't bought to be a "queen of sub MOA". It shoots well, it's accurate - that's all I need for now.
  2. Yeah, you are right, I personally like the look of XP3 too Thank you and good luck with your Benelli. I hope other thread on this forum will be updated soon with some nice pics!
  3. Hello! I have visited Silverdale Gun Range today here in Ontario to finaly check my Benelli before upcoming hunting season. I haven't shot my rifle since last time I posted a report here. I did a full cleaning after it and the rifle was sitting in a safe. I wanted to check few things such as: 1. Zero change after disassembling and full cleaning. 2. Accuracy. 3. 200 meters results. Weather conditions: temperature - 24C, wind - W20 km/h, humidity - 52%. Silverdale has few ranges, one of them is a combained 100/200 yards. The actual distance was 98 and 191 accordingly (all measurements were done with Leopold RX-IV). I only shot 3 times on 100 yards and then shot another 3 on 191 ... Ammo - Ferderal AccuBond 140 gr. Here is my result on 100 yards: The group above is even a little bit better than my previous one. As far I can see, disassembling doesn't affect Zero as far as a lug bolt is tight. Accuracy is very good, especially for semi-auto. Unfortunately, I couldn't check 200 meters results as planned because the range was significantly shorter. At 191 yards, all bullets were within 1 MOA even in consideration of very strong wind with gusts up to 35 km/h. I wish you all a very enjoable and interesting hunting season!
  4. Wood stock doesn't have comfortech system. Synthetic stock has much more recoil reduction than the wood one. One more thing to consider: I've read that a wood stock has very thin walls and it cracks often. I don't know though if it happens only with earlier models or with a new ones as well.
  5. Since you post your questions again, I'll give you some input. First, read the whole forum again, you will find a lot of answers: http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/archive/index.php/f-21.html Second, all rifles are different, some might have problems, some not. It doesn't matter whether it's semi or bolt. More about reliability of R1 you will find after reading some posts from the link above. Third, it was told many times ... semi is not a bolt. Don't expect it to shoot as accurate as bolt action rifles. Semi have a different purpose - ability to make few quick shots in a row. You can find the right ammo for you particular rifle and have MOA or even better. And the last: what bolt action rifle you want to compare R1 with? There are tousands of them and all are different. I think you just need to decide what do you need the rifle for: hunting, if yes - type of hunting, varmint, target shooting and etc. Then, you can consider some models and compare them and pick the one which fits your needs the most. Good luck!
  6. ??? What do you mean? Scope or somethign else? By the way, what caliber is yours?
  7. First, you need to upload all your pictures to the server, such as Photobucket.com or picasa for example. Then you just copy the link location and when creating a message here on the forum, click on the button to insert picture and paste your link location. Done!
  8. Thanks Tucker. Very nice info. I paid for the box of Federal Accubonds 68 CAD. Not a cheap ammo at all
  9. It's true. May be I was lucky or may be I did a good research ... Anyway, I didn't spend a lot of money on ammo ... yet )) Now, will be waiting when the hunting season starts and will try this bullet in reality.
  10. I decided to share some info with all of you. All we know that R1 is very picky when you need to decide what ammo to use. For now I'm able to use only factory loaded ammunition, so my goal was to find a right ammo for my R1. First, I tried Winchester XP3 150 grain bullets. The best group I've made was 3-4 MOA, which was completely unacceptable for me. Bullets were all over on the paper. I even thought something is wrong with a scope or mounts?! By the way, I want to thank Tucker for his help with resolving this issue. I didn't touch the scope but bought Federal Nosler Accubond 140 grain bullets. So, I tried them yesterday. All I can say is that it's a very accurate bullet and seems that my rifle liked them. Final group is on the picture! P.S. I also tried this ammo on 200 and 300 meters ranges and was very pleased with the results. Average 1-1.5 MOA.
  11. Steve, awesome pics. As usually Thanks for sharing with us. There is no hunting season in Ontario right now, but I hope I will be able to post some nice pics in September-October when the season starts
  12. No problem. I was shooting my 270WSM with Winchester XP3 recently, and couldn't get a group less than 3 MOA. Will try E-tip and Federal Accubond soon, then will post some results. Just for comparison, my Ruger 10/22 shoots much better than Benelli right now Check this out: distance - 100 m, humidity - 70%, wind - 5 km/h, ammo - CCI Velociter 1435 fts, 40 gr., 10 shots in a row without breaks, all were made within 5-6 sec. Here what I got:
  13. Now, I'm in the same shoes ... couldn't get a group less than 3 MOA with XP3 ... Will be trying different ammo.
  14. I'm not sure that this is the site you were looking for but here are few sources about R1: gunsandammomag.com/cs/Satellite/IMO_GA/Story_C/Benelli+With+A+Twist#cont rifleshootermag.com/featured_rifles/benellirq_062907/ guidetogame.com/blog/?p=76 shootersforum.com/showthread.htm?t=31652 I also found this note to be very interesting and I'm pretty sure a lot of us have already read it But for those who haven't and looking for info, here we go: Just a note to those of you who seem confused about the Benelli R1. I own the new Benelli R1 in 300 WSM with the Confort Tech. options. As a card carrying Hi Power Expert rated marksman and experienced reloader, here are a few items to note. 1) The Benelli R1 is a factory hunting rifle. It’s not designed to be a highly accurate target rifle, don’t except it to be. 2) Factory ammo is not designed to be match target ammo, don’t except it to be 3) You can get great accuracy out of (most) new rifles, if you hand load and know what your doing. (below are a few examples to support these comments. 4) Rifles are like women, every one is different. Even same make, model and caliber. That’s why you need to work up a number of test loads before you can zero in on the best load for that particular rifle. The barrel rifling twist rate on the new R1 (300 WSM) is stated by Benelli to be 1 turn in 11 inches. I have measured my factory barrel to find it closer to 1 in 11.75. If you are using long and heavy for diameter factory bullets in this rifle, you won’t get optimum accuracy. Most Remington/Winchester/Ruger in 300 WSM’s come with a 1 in 10 twist rate (a bit faster and better with heavier/longer bullets) Therefore, it’s not going to shoot the heavier bullets as well as the 150’s and 165’s. It also appears to be sensitive to powder selection. Most of the 300 WSM reloading books recommend 150-180 grain bullets in order to eliminate the heavier and longer bullets from intruding too far into the powder space and compressing the load. But if you understand these limits, you can still product highly accurate for this rifle. Example It’s first range visit (100 yards, bench rest) resulted in the following. (each 5 shot groups) Factory load.. 180 Gr Federal Vital Shock (Nosler) 2.5” groups (unacceptable) Handload 1 – 165 Gr Sierra 1.0 inch (acceptable) Handload 2 – 180 Gr. Sierra 2.5 inch (unacceptable) Handload 3 – 165 Gr. Hornady SST 0.37 inch (Excellent) Handload 4 – 150 Gr. Speer Flat Base 0.42 inch (Excellent) Any factory hunting rifle that can produce under one half inch accuracy in a short action magnum 30 caliber load is an excellent hunting companion for ANY north American game just short of only the largest of bears. Looking for a fast handling, quick follow up shooting, self loading 30 caliber magnum. The Benelli R1 is a solid choice.
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