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    Native Californian, over 50, sooo ready to move to a free state.
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    Interests: Backpacking, photography, Benelli, Sig Sauer, LWRCI, Case XX, M-Benz, H-Davidson, 2A, CCW
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  1. +1 (...and these words to achieve the required 10 characters. Kinda saps the meaning out of it, you know? Oh, well.)
  2. Holy moly, Kip, bigtime break (open reduction and internal fixation - ORIF)...Doritos on x-ray! ...and that's just R your wrist. Your T-5 and L wrist can't be any fun, either. I sure hope you were kidding about having to get back to work, man, really, you need to lay low and get through your PT. This could take months, and that's alright if it will mean you get healed well, you know? I hope you don't mind a couple of pointers...if doc prescribed a non-steroidal anti-inflamatory (e.g. Ibuprofen - aka Advil, Aleve, Celebrex, etc.), that's good. They're golden for ortho ailments. If he didn'
  3. http://www.ammunitiontogo.com/catalog1/product_info.php/pName/9rds-12-gauge-flechette-ammo/cName/12-gauge-specialtyexotic
  4. Don't know about the rumor, but if there's any truth to it, good for Benelli. There's TEXAS again...I can't begin to tell you how attractive moving to TEXAS sounds. Been in California all of my 53 years, and I really want to be done with it. Is there an area of TEXAS that one could find some acreage with trees, maybe a seasonal stream, and that doesn't get scorching hot? (I'm 90 miles east of San Francisco and can easily get >30 consecutive days of 100+ degrees in the summer...something else I'm fairly tired of.) In TEXAS, if I could truly have 30-round mags and other "evil" featu
  5. Yep, you pick a thread because it rose to the top...and then feel real stupid when you realize the time warp after you've been reading for a while. IP probably isn't even around anymore...
  6. http://www.carriercomp.com/Home_Page.html
  7. Originally Posted by Talyn In 2011 California will begin requiring fingerprints for all ammo purchases. In my book that one beats 922r. Been in northern California all of my 52 years. Maybe I'm getting old, but IMHO, this state has gone to *ell (for many reasons.) When my son-in-law returns from Afghanistan (God willing), I know he's going to be pressing for a move to Montana, and I'm seriously considering following him...but I'm wondering about the gun-friendliness of other states, i.e., Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming? Colorado? Texas? I'm looking for a shall-issue state. Any
  8. I ordered 7/2. I received the "was shipped email" on 9/17. The tube arrived today...very nice.
  9. The ship-confirmation email has a header for a tracking number, but there isn't one listed...just my order number is listed. Looking at my account within Kip's website, I see a status of "shipped," but no tracking # there, either. I'm in California, so the tube has probably got held up in slow traffic resulting from various protests and demonstrations...
  10. I got the same "your item shipped" email on 09/17, as well...thought it would be delivered today, fer sure...but alas... Oh, well, I'm sure it'll show up next week.
  11. I'm new on this forum, but have been reading for a while...a great resource while provoking a smile now and then... My son-in-law is headed to Afghanistan this coming Sunday (USAF) -- We thought he had a couple of weeks, but a call tonight reported the date had moved up. I've seen this coming for a few months now...anyway, I just got Michael as a son-in-law last January and so by now I've had a couple of months of concern for his welfare. Been soaking up as much as I can on what a warrior's life is like on the ground (he'll be connected with Army) and what he might appreciate that DOD may
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