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  1. Here is a picture of what I want to mount.
  2. From what I have learned it will fit since other makers will also fit. I'll post a picture in the next reply.
  3. wgfolker

    coooooll lookin

    Beautiful. I love engravings.
  4. Actually, it was the last message that I had written 4 times before it would take it. This is the 3rd post. But I think I got my answer anyway.
  5. I've typed this message 4 times already. The forum won't post a picture or a link, because I need to post 5 times or something, but I'll try this. I saw it on TheHighRoad forum. The posters name is candewman and it's his website. How about that? They have pictures there.
  6. I was looking for the same thing and found something I like but it is for a Remington 870. Would one that fits a Remington 870 also fit a Benelli M4?
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