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  1. Hi, This is Jimmi. Our duck season usually opens the first weekend of Oct. and pheasants around the middle of Oct. Squirrel opens tomorrow. (yeah I know its not a bird.) Dove opens sept 1st. Yep, I'm getting the itch. for more game playing tips Click Here ------------------- Jimmy. ..
  2. I am new to carrying and luckily I live in a county in California that is easy to get a CCW. I have had to adjust what I wear and how I dress in order to have good retention and concealment. As I have a little more weight than I should I am only able to carry OWB strong side. I am unable to carry IWB as it would be uncomfortable.
  3. Several people are suggesting iwb. I find it very uncomfortable, plus I don't want to get new pants just for carrying.
  4. Lots of guys here like the crossbreed supertucks, Comp-tacs are good, I like high noon holsters as well. I know you can completely conceal a full size 1911 under an unbuttoned over shirt, so gun size shouldn't be an issue unless youre trying to conceal a desert eagle or something. The whole point of carrying concealed is to not let anyone know youre packin.
  5. Wow! This is great info! Thanks for your insight. It really helps me to read your column and imagine ways to incorporate all this wisdom into my system. I'm primerally a numbers guy (my hat is off to those who really know horses)
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