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  1. I asked the question because the availible ammunition moving at 1500ft/sec+ seem to loose eveness at the patterning board. The gent over at Carlson confirmed my suspicion, as did some of the pics of patterns I've seen. Granted, I'm being fussy about this, but I'd really like to shoot the #3 1 1/8 oz +1500 ft/sec loads to meet my expectations for clean kills. My hope is the longer taper allows the load to get less disrupted exiting the barrel. Worth my money for a try. Should this work, I'll look into a skeet choke for in your face shooting. FYI: I've noticed the combining chokes, ammuniti
  2. I went with the carlson Skeet 2/Light modified (between an IC and Mod choke for guys like me...) Sprug for the snazzy choke holder mostly for organiztional reasons. No patterning yet, I'm hoping to get to it b/f the opener here. Thanks for the input and have a great season, Shoot'em in the lips, Scott
  3. You may want to give customer service a call anyway. You might be surprised. Good luck and good hunting, Scott
  4. smithsc1


    Nice rig. Good luck this season, Scott
  5. I'm looking for an improvement in pattern even-ness with the high speed steel loads. I've pattened my new Supernova, and discoved that the low speed ammo is really nice but the high speed shells get patchy. I'm hoping to find improvements in the pattens with #3 at +1500fps for ducks and larger shot sizes at +1500 fps for geese. I would like hear from anyone with a good recommendation. Thanks, Scott
  6. Thanks for the input. I'm relatively new to shooting clays and getting the most out of my guns. I took the Supernova to a local target range and ran some steel loads through it with the IC and Mod chokes. I found that the 1400 fps loads were really even, and the loads moving +1500 fps seemed to bunch and leave thin spots. The IC really let the pellets spread, more then I liked at that range for an IC choke. The Mod choke was nice and tight at that range. Next stop was a clays range, at Island Lake Rec Area near Brighton MI. The trap operator was also an instructor named Ron
  7. I started hunting public land managed floodings the past few years, lots of serious competition. I've learned three things: really good looking decoys, movement, and complete concealment. I think your new decoys would work really well with a light or moderate breeze. Good luck!
  8. Thanks! I never thought about the plastic in the bore before your post. Scott
  9. smithsc1

    New Supernova

    Forgive me if I sound like a newbie, but here goes. I have a spanking new Supernova. Is there a guide or thread written for a good cleaning for a brand new gun? I am looking foward to using this gun for duck hunting. I went with the Supernova because I liked the reputation and the way it feels. I also like the adjustability and sprung for the snazzy cammo finish ;-) In the next couple of days I'll do some pattening with a variety of shells, check for point of impact, and shoot some clays. I'd really like to hear some reccomendations for breaking in a new pump, brands of oil and cle
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