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  1. I have a Left Hand M1 Super 90 in Advantage Timberland camo, comes with a 26" barrel, 5 chokes, wrench and original case. It has only had 15 rounds fired through it, excellent condition. Sold.
  2. The M1 super 90's are getting harder to find in left hand with the camo, I am a tactical guy and don't hunt much so it is not doing me any good. I would have to get $750 shipped. It is in excellent condition, only 15 rounds fired through it.
  3. I noticed you already have a 26" model. I am selling a M1 super 90 in Timberland camo with a 26" barrel.
  4. I have a like new Benelli M1 super 90 in Left Hand with the Advantage timberland camo. I fired 15 rounds through it at an indoor range, it has never been out in the field. It has a 26" barrel and will come with original Benelli case, choke tubes and wrench. This is in 98% condition. Email for pictures. $825.00 shipped.
  5. I guess a Seven shot mag tube on a super 90 with a shoulder stock/pistol grip is out of the question also.
  6. This is for a M1, I will be at a gun show this coming weekend and see if it goes there. If it is your typical GS and they offer $5.00 you know what I will tell them. Paulie
  7. I just signed up on this forum so don't beat me up too much. I am going to be selling a Benelli super 90 7 shot magazine tube and I was wondering what they are going for. Mine was used on a demo gun only and it is in mint condition,comes with spring and new barrel clamp. This is all factory not after market. Paulie
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