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  1. Yeah tucker I'm still watching it just never ends. I've been looking at the savage after seeing yours, I'm not sure what I want to do, I might run you down and pick your brain one day soon. Nice blind looks roomy
  2. Congrats on the bucks tucker. That is an awesome looking gun. I've read about some problem with them blowing up. What are your thoughts? How long have you had it and how many times have you shot it.
  3. We hooked up with Chad today and shot some Swans. Lloyd's boy Jackson 9 years old
  4. It was not the best of days but we scratched out a 4 man limit of Scoter with 2 nice bonus drake Oldsquaws.
  5. I'd say your having a good week. Congrats
  6. No eyes on the water today. I was out on the bay shootin Seaducks. They haven't been as thick the last couple of weeks, but we tried a new spot today. I'll be glad to take you some time. Today's take.
  7. Congrats Tucker. I know you've been waiting on that one. I'm sure your going to put him on the wall. Nice looking bird.
  8. Gotcha. They have any luck? Tell them to let me know if I can help with something else we'll find something that will work.
  9. Still shooting the Beretta, just over here checking things out.
  10. Yeah, you helping Tommy and Sean with that pond project? Did the pipe and fittings work?
  11. Thanks It's nice when it all comes together just right.
  12. A VA Cow pasture hunt. We went 7 for 7 on the first group 12 for 13 on the second group, then I lost count.
  13. I keep it simple I shoot #2's for all ducks including Seaducks, they will kill a goose as well. If I'm hunting just Geese I shoot T's.
  14. 90 to 95 % of the ducks we kill are because we are where they want to be, not the call. Use what you can afford and what you like.
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