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  1. I would recommend that you use rifled slugs, such as the new Federal Truball or Remington Sluggers. These are what I shoot in my Remington 870 smoothbore slug barrel.
  2. Sorry about your problem. I would go to a local dealer and see if they could order me a new barrel for my gun. You might want to try Gun Broker.com to look for a barrel. Good luck, let me what happens. Take care
  3. I shoot the Remington Nitro Express Turkey loads. These loads are awsome in my 870 shotgun. Good luck turkey hunting.
  4. I have never used an Aimpoint sight before, however, I do know of several of my hunting friends that do use them and they just love them too. I imagine that Aimpoint is of good quality because that's what our military is issuing to our combat troops overseas. Good luck hunting.
  5. If it was me, I would shoot smoothbore slugs out of an improved cylinder barrel. If your shots are under 100 yards this would be a good setup for slug shooting. I hunt deer with an Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun with an improved cylinder slug barrel, using smoothbore Remington rifled slugs as this setup works great for me because most of my shots at deer are 50 yards and under. So my advice to you is to get an improved cylinder choke for your supernova and try the Remington smoothbore rifled slugs in it. Good luck hunting.
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