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  1. It is walnut treated with a new 7-step process called "weathercoat." See the web-site (reviews).
  2. Hang on, Mofugra... VINCIshooter poster obviously has not yet discovered girls. Yes, it is a tattooed LADY (not a guy) in the add and the new weapon looks similar to those tattoos in the illustration. . Most folks will figure out that this IS indeed a female in the tattooed add. VINCIshooter is an avid shotgunner with shotgun knowledge above his years, but quite young and doesn't yet have an "eye" for this sort of thing! I know him from previous encounters. Upland for sure. If it's lighter... I'm interested... I'm old... retired...and tired. Lighter is better on 4-5 hour upland bi
  3. Thank all of you for your upbeat replies. Mother and baby are doing fine and we will be flying up to Oregon soon to see this blessing (we live in Texas). Still walking on air. Retirement and Grandfather-hood is a good deal!!! Rod
  4. Hey, dudes... I'm 64 years old and FINALLY a grandfather! My wife and I had begun to think that we were going to have to RENT a grandkid!. Daughter had the baby last night about 2:00 a.m. She was a big baby girl, 8 lbx. 10 oz. and 20 inches long. I'm walking on air! This may even be more important to me than shooting quail with my Montefeltro Silver!!! Merry Christmas! Rod P.S. O.K... I am getting a new Briley extended choke in the improved cylinder size for Christmas... Just trying to remain relevant to the forum here!
  5. That's how I feel about dove. But I LOVE quail, chukkar, and pheasant. I give the dove away.
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