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  1. I have a new black 26" SBE barrel. What is the finish and condition of your 24" barrel?
  2. I am an owner/partner of a commercial goose hunting club (Mazonia Hunt Club) in Central Illinois. I have a couple of simple recipes for goose that puts it in the gourmet category. Depending on what your taste preference is as far as "gamey" or mild. Cut in one inch chunks and marinade in Kikoman's Terriaki Marinade in refrigerator overnight. Remove from the marinade and wrap with bacon and one water chestnut held in place with a toothpick through the combination. Cook on your BBQ grill until the toothpick starts to char. Remove and savor the flavor!
  3. Looking for a composite stock and forend plus a 24" barrel for my son's SBE
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