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  1. BenelliLI

    SBE 2

    I hunt in NY - Long Island... Salt water beats up everything and so does freezing cold temps. Clean your gun once your home from the blind. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT overlube your SBE... Use REM oil and use it like your f*ckin a virgin. U want to get it in there but dont want to pound it out....hahahha
  2. Long Island very slow... Two black ducks were taking but the geese aren't moving at all... Some flocks moving through but it is still to warm. We need things to freeze up north for more birds. Our season closes for 1 week so let the cold weather move on in...
  3. BenelliLI

    SPE 2

    So FYI the camo patterned guns are more snugg after talking to a service rep from Benelli. I was pulling on the right part since i did put it together. I always enter the field with the gun assemble. I just bought it last night "two nights ago" and was assembling and disembling the gun to get the feel... Benillis recomendation - "hold the action half way and bang on ground" i am dead serious this is what they said. Instead i took jack the rippers advice and used two people "my wife". As she is 110lbs she almost went flying but all in all got it apart. My worries are that if the gun gets jammed in the field i don't feel comfortable using two guys pulling on either side... I am going to assemble and disassemble multiple times to break in!!! wish me luck and thanks for the help!!!
  4. BenelliLI

    SPE 2

    yea 4 max HD... my first benelli and hope this crap don't happen in the field...
  5. BenelliLI

    SPE 2

    I just bought a Super Black Eagle 2 last night. I put the thing together and cant get it apart???? It was late but the forearm and barel won't budge??? Anyone have this problem or even know how to get it apart???? thanks
  6. BenelliLI

    SPE 2

    Just bought the Super Black Eagle 2 last night. Put it together and cant get it apart ??? The forearm and barel wont pull off? Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know how to get the sucker off???
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