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  1. The past 2 times ive been out trap shooting my vinci fails to completely load a shell every so often. Its not failing to eject the spent cartridge, but the shell coming from the mag gets stuck about 3/4 the way out. Its almost as if its not getting pushed out fast enough before its trying to get pushed up to the chamber. Any ideas? would i need to disassemble the magazine tube and lube something in there? also, i havent had any troubles with my duck loads, just the light loads.
  2. yenrec

    choke help please

    thanks tucker, i was looking at that site, but i guess i was on the benelli page not the crio plus! thanks alot!
  3. yenrec

    choke help please

    because im really looking for one of the black cloud choke tubes for my vinci
  4. yenrec

    choke help please

    so as long as it says crio plus it will work?
  5. yenrec

    choke help please

    i have a vinci and im looking to get an aftermarket choke tube for my gun. It seems everywhere i look i see choke tubes for benellis but none that specify for a vinici. Would it be the same choke style as a SBE 2 or what? Thanks in advance for any help guys!
  6. yes sir, its a killing machine if i keep my posture right. i was always really good a instinctive shooting my old remington, but decided now that i have a top of the line gun i should learn how to shoot it right, so as long as i take my time, make sure i line up the beads right i have no troubles. An article i read said take your time setting up and aiming right, and you will have a much better kill ratio. You will have a much better chance taking your time, then rushing and not aiming right or pulling the shot.
  7. maybe he rested that on his hip to to help the stuck shutter...
  8. seems to me like most you guys hit the nail right on the head since he hasnt posted since his original or put up a picture.
  9. upland i had to put my mid bead in the center of the red front sight for my gun to shoot slugs straight. when i got myself to aim it like that for skeet it was dead on. give that a try and see how it works out
  10. yes it is definately much harder to get myself to aim it correctly, working on it with the clays. I just started hunting this yr and ive really only shot for about a year so its not going to take to long to better myself. In one of my outdoor subscriptions i read an article where it says to take your time, make sure you are sighting right then shoot at the bird. It said you will have a much better ratio if you take your time and aim right rather then do it sloppy. Im working on it and it seems to be working out fine, but im not gonna lie it is hard to break!
  11. i was putting my front sight right on target. I learned i needed to basically blot out my front pin with the mid pin to shoot dead on. i have the stock shim in my gun as im not too sure how it will feel if i swap it out. I love the way it fits me now, and im scared my shots will be off if i swapped to a diff shim.
  12. upland i patterned mine out and it seemed to shoot dead on. I figured out my problem when i was shooting slugs, i wasnt looking down my barrel right. I shot a bucket at 15 yards and blew it in half with some 7 1/2 shot out of my full, then blew a rabbits head clean off from about 15 yards later that night. Somehow i didnt get any pellets in the meat it was pretty exciting bc we got dinner for my buddies grandparents!
  13. tyson, i tried the cylinder choke first since thats what benelli recommended, i was scared to try tighter with such an expensive new gun, when i aimed at the middle of the board the first shot was about 6 in high, 3 in left, and second shot was 6 in low and 2 in right. I figure it must have had room to wiggle, i tried again with the IC and it was a little better but off. Today i tried again and it seemed dead nuts at 35, then back at 50 it was still on. So i found out with my gun i have to basically block out my front pin with the mid pin for it to shoot right. when i bird shoot i usually shoot instinctivly and have about an 80% hit percentage so i guess my habits were not good, bc i dont think i was looking down my barrel low enough, like i could see the slope of my vent rib still. So basically if i see the very back and the tiny bit of red around my mid bead it is deadly with my IC choke.
  14. jack, check in the back of your manual, it may give you the part number to order, heck if you contacted benelli since it hasnt even been a week they may send you another sight for free... its worth a shot!
  15. i love my vinci! i finally got 4 ducks my first 2 times out with it. 1 the first time and 3 yesterday. it beats the crap out of my rem 11-87!
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