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  1. New Benelli M4 oem three position recoil tube complete with spring and NIB pistol grip. Tube $325 includes shipping Pistol Grip $140 includes shipping.
  2. Thanks for the job offers guys. Looks like the Guam position is going to bear fruition. If not, fixing AC units might just be the ticket.
  3. I just might take you up on that. I will know early next week if I am successful in landing a job in Guam that I have been after for a while. Thank you for the offer.
  4. I have an upper taken off an armalite ar15 that needs a home.
  5. I am selling my M1014, SN 333, NIB, never assembled. I have some pics, but you guys know what it looks like. Asking five thousand dollars. Only kidding, was hoping to receive a post with big pear WUP. Seriously, thinking in the $1,800 range with pistol grip. $2,500 with the collapsible stock. I do have a three position benelli recoil tube and nib pistol grip. $225 for tube, $125 for PG. Giving it a qo here before I put an embellished ad on Gunbroker. For those who are wondering why I am selling, I am out of work, out of money, out of the house, and I need to find a brid
  6. Wondering if availability of M4's will be effected for civilian use with new build up. And are the M4's sold to the military still with the HD barrels or ones with the chokes?
  7. I spoke to someone yesterday who has a friend in LE and his department buys them for around 150.
  8. I second Unobanium. Bare hands and a heat gun work just fine. Comes off fairly easy when the area hits 250 degrees.
  9. garnok

    M4 for sale

    M4 sold for $1,100.
  10. yes, fair price, what i am lookimg to sell for
  11. how much did you sell it for. I am heading to guam, would like to start a gun range.
  12. Are you drinking again? I am In trying to sell my stuff. I am finding that the buyers are more interested in having the extended mags or full mags included with the deal.
  13. At any rate, still love Arizona, go out 45 minutes out of town and shoot it up. No bother . full auto in the background, Gotta love it!
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