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  1. I have ordered replacement springs from Wolff Gunsprings https://www.gunsprings.com/ They also have a reduced power spring for shooting lighter sport loads and a extra power spring for use with heavier loads (waterfowl/turkey). My suggestion would be to give your stock spring a good cleaning and light lubrication and then lubricate the action according to Benelli's standard See if that fixes the failure to feed before ordering an aftermarket part.
  2. I would check your recoil spring and make sure it's not gummed up. You will have to take the butt pad off the gun and undo two bolts if it's the same as the SBE 1. I think one is a 13mm and the other 17mm. The 17mm can be a little stubborn due to locktite. Heating up the bolt with a lighter will loosen it. Wear safety glasses and back the bolt out slowly so the spring doesn't go flying. I like to put a small amount of lubricant (just enough to give it a sheen) on the bolt carrier wear it rides in the channel of the receiver. Hope this helps.
  3. I asked the technical department when we could expect a left hand SBE3 and if they had plans to put the bolt release on the left side of the shotgun - this has always perplexed me. His response was "We were told 2018 for the SBE3 left hand" - no comment about the bolt release. I see that Beretta is offering a left hand A400 with the bolt release in the "correct" position. I've always favored Benelli over Beretta for a number of reasons; and I don't foresee myself jumping ship any time soon. However, I would think that a company that prides itself in their design department would spend a li
  4. I was wondering if they had redesigned the receiver. I liked the former design purely for the fact that I felt like it was much easier to clean than the other type of receiver (M2). Although it looks like the receiver is tapped for mounting a scope which is a plus. Thanks for the reply. I had been thinking about getting another shotgun to go along with my SBE1. When they come out with a lefthand SBE3 I may seriously consider one.
  5. I realize the they just released the SBE3 so I guess performance mods will be in the near future but I thought it was still odd that they removed the SBE2 waterfowl edition from their site. I think the upland models look sharp with the cerakote finish as well as the different turkey offerings. Anyone have any first hand experience with the SBE3 and care to comment on the changes from the SBE2? Likes and dislikes.
  6. The new bolt design is intriguing - no more Benelli "click". Would be nice if they sold these as aftermarket upgrades for previous models, or do they? Then again, people may be less likely to drop 2 large on a new shotgun than 300 on a bolt upgrade.
  7. The safety screw continues to come loose. I tighten it periodically and it still works itself loose after just a little bit of use. I was thinking about using some "loctite" but wanted to check on the forum first to see if any of the vets had any other advise or a better solution. Thanks
  8. Lefty81

    SBEII testing

    Hmmmm. . . not sure what to think about that, must have been a slow day over at Guns and Ammo. I'd like to see them run the same test on a cold, wet day (simulating duck hunting conditions). I'd also be interested in seeing it performed with different sized shot and loads. Just for kicks and giggles though, not like I'm gonna go home and soak my gun in cosmoline.
  9. That seems like a good deal. Just depends on the condition of the gun. I bought a SBE back in 08 that was as close to "new" as you can get from a used gun. I paid 1050 for it. Check gunbroker.com and gunsamerica.com to give you a feel for what they are selling for these days. As far as floating a shell, with a little QuickSteel, a razor blade, and some fine steel wool, you can rig any SBE to float a shell. I think there is an earlier post on how it's done or google it.
  10. After unscrewing the cap on the magazine tube you should be able to take a screw driver and carefully, so as not to permanently distort the metal ring, pry the c-ring clamp out of the end of the tube. Do it slowly and wear some protective glasses since you are releasing a spring that is under tension. Once you've thoroughly cleaned it, you should be able to push the c-ring back into place by hand. You can go out and buy a special set of plyers to remove the ring but a flat-head screw driver and a little leverage will get the job done.
  11. You can also remove the cap with a small flathead screw driver by lightly prying up on the cap if you don't have the right pair of plyers. Do it slowly holding one hand over the plug/spring so it doesn't fly off into your face or hit some unsuspecting bystander.
  12. Clean it. You should find a very detailed post by Tucker on how to take down and properly clean the gun.
  13. I recommend the Easy Hit as well. I grew up shooting left handed because I do everything left handed, I didn't know at the time I was cross-eye dominant. Didn't matter though because I grew up shooting with my right eye shut. I recently bought a used SBE that had an Easy Hit optic on it. That sight, along with some simple drills, has taught me to shoot with both eyes open, which is the preferred way to shoot.
  14. Someone explained it to me by saying they put the raised vent rib on the gun to make it easier to get your sight picture without having to get your cheek down on the gun like the older models.
  15. Two prime examples of things that'll never get any action out of you:)
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