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  1. fikester

    my super nova seems to be shooting low

    that gun also comes with a shim kit for a somewhat custom fit...adjusts the drop
  2. fikester

    Super Black Eagle 2....off center carrier

    Spoke to Benelli again today about this concern...gunsmith claims as Beneligunny mentioned the older SBE had metal housing for the trigger assembly where the SBE II has polymer. They claim being off center does not affect the function and as long as the gun does function there is no concern and no need to send it in....only if it should develop an cycling issue. It was also mentioned by the gunsmith that tolerance of the side to side play was from zero to somewhat sloppy...again if it cycles no concern. It not that I doubt it will be OK...its just bothers me that paying that much for a gun should be gone over with very strict attention to detail?
  3. fikester

    Super Black Eagle 2....off center carrier

    Called custmer service....claimed that 99% are this way? No parts have changed from the older SBE2 models so what causes the play and to be off center?
  4. fikester

    Super Black Eagle 2....off center carrier

    My SBE 2 has the aluminum carrier part...if thats hat you mean? The part that flips up lifting the shell up from the magazine tube.
  5. fikester

    SBE II Problem loading shells

    I have noticed this in my sons SBE 2 as well...the older SBE 2 is square and tight with very little side to side play. Neither have any issues, but concerned about the off center carrier and side to side movement....some claim the carriers with slop are no problem? Going to call about it soon anyways.
  6. fikester

    my super nova seems to be shooting low

    Normally with a middle bead on the barrel stacked under the red front bead the gun tends to shoot high....in other words the two beads would appear like a snowman or figure eight with no gap at all between the two beads and hold the front bead at 6' oclock position under the target. Every benelli I have ever shot in this manner tends to shoot slightly high
  7. I have a SBE 2 with a carrier thats somewhat off center (to the right if the guns upside down) and wiggles somewhat form side to side. The gun so far seems to run fine...but concerns me because compared to other older SBE 2 this carrier is dead center and has almost no side to side play....concerned why this would be somewhat crooked and if this should be a concern?
  8. fikester

    Stoeger M3500 NIGHTMARE/WARNING!!!!!!

    Too bad all the problems, I can sure say never had any issues or complaints with my 3500....as far as the cosmetic complaints on the paint, can nit pick any of my Benelli products as well including my Super Black Eagle 2 on the paint job if gone over closely enough by a true perfectionist.
  9. fikester

    Super Black Eagle 2 Accuracy Problems

    If you are using the figure eight method or stacking the rear sight under the front bead...its gonna shoot high. The shims make a big improvement for fit. If its that far off cant hit a clay the bench test will easily reveal a serious flaw.
  10. fikester

    Supernova for Turkey?

    The SuperNova is a great gun....noticeably heavier compared to my SBEII...whichever you decide the 3" ammo will do the trick. Personally since getting myself the SBE II...thats my go to gun anymore.
  11. fikester

    Out My Dining Room Window 3-31-2013

    Nice bird....
  12. fikester

    Buying a nova - camo or not??

    My personal opinion lack of movement is the best camo. My son has a black youth Nova 20 guage and has dropped turkeys every year under 40yds. I would invest in a choke and use Hevi 13 #7's.....but again not required to tag a Turkey. If your not ready to purchase, maybe a friend has a Turkey gun you can try before dropping the dough. The knowledge, calling, patience and being still are far more important than a brand or type of camo pattern.
  13. fikester

    First Turkey

    Congrats on the Turkey....myself didnt get started until a few years ago. Wow never realized what fun I missed out on over the years. I was hooked after the first hunt.
  14. fikester

    3 inch or 3.5?

    3.5" for me .665 Indian Creek or Hevi Shot .667 choke with either 3.5" 2oz or 2 1/4oz Hevi-13 #6 or #7 pellets. My second option if you wanted to use standard full choke....go with the Federal Flite control 3.5" 2oz #5 shot...this is a great load for under 40yds.
  15. fikester

    My First One This Year

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]1468[/ATTACH]My 11yr old son took his second bird in Maryland season 2012....myself and friend Fuller was along. Very exciting hunt. 24lbs- 8" beard- 1" spurs Benelli Youth Nova 20g- Hevi 13/ 3" #5 shot