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  1. Nice greater there! Did you keep him to mount, or did he go in the eatin pot?
  2. This guy was mixed with 6 mallets, and was shot as a Black. Was banded Sept 08 in Ontario and is listed as a Black X Mallard Hybrid on the band return info. Glad I shot him.
  3. John-boy didn't know he was styling and profiling. Thats a big un fo sho.
  4. Like Tucker said, they are made to shoot heavier loads, but if it isn't pretty clean that can affect its operation as well.
  5. I'm a new member too, but welcome!
  6. I had my SBE sent to Second Skin(I think thats what its called) in Roanoke VA area and had it dipped and that was many years ago and it is as good as the day I got it back.
  7. Congrats on the bling!
  8. Nice! They do work purdy don't they:D
  9. This visitor was from Upper James Bay, Ontario and received his ring on 7/11/05
  10. You talking about this little thing?
  11. Tell John congrats on the bling!
  12. Theres more to offer by the RR:D
  13. Way to go on the hen hollywood, maybe those pinners will show back up.
  14. Way to go Scott on the bling! Glad ya'll had a good time the other day. It was a fun hunt. No more "Can Virgin".
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