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  1. I generally fall into the "why" camp when it comes to optics on shotguns. Being the short range affair that they are I see little reason to have optics on a shotgun. I've shot some with dots on them and they were fast on target, but I don't know that they were necessarily faster than sites would be. My M4 will have no optics.
  2. What a neat story, that says alot about Benelli's!
  3. Thats' doubtful, it'd cost alot to make a one off forearm just for you, i'm going to be getting the SF fore end for mine and run a X300, you can buy tape switches for them and set it up how you like. Sidesaddle makes a 6rd receiver mounted shell holder IIRC.
  4. Ahh ok, I was begining to worry, thanks
  5. I'm going to be getting an M4 in a couple of weeks and planned on getting the 2 shot extension. Exactly how much of a PITA is it to change? A heat gun? I'm beginning to wonder is it's even worth it for 2 more shots...
  6. Gold inlay detracts from it's tacticality
  7. trouble

    M4 choke?

    Thank you for the info, are the tubes marked in any way to signify which tube it is? This one is devoid of any markings at all, I plan on shooting some slugs through it when I pick it up but if it's a full choke I'll hold off.
  8. trouble

    M4 choke?

    Hello all, FNG here, I'm going to be getting a M4 from my local dealer in a week or two. I was looking through the box to see what choke tubes came with the M4 and found only a tube wrench, do they only come with the tube that's in the weapon? What choke is it? IC,M etc. Does the M4 use standard Benelli tubes that are readily available? Thanks.
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