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  1. i got a 2nd front for 40.00 bux of gun auction ..i like it feels good ..my cd is black not od .just the color pick up from the light i think..does have a od look to it..put its black..
  2. Just some pics of what i have done to my M4 from getting into my hands 1 month ago..mostly to shine on the stippling of hand guard ..feels better then grit paper ..hookster what u think..love this M4 ..only took 20.00 bux to do 2nd one i have done..glock came out good to...let me know what u guys think
  3. thanks SD ..your the M4 dictionary
  4. Hi guys i just got me m4 last week shoots good..well i took it apart last night and its making some noise ..the 2 pistons on the front move front and back freely the black ones that go into the silver cylinders..are the black pistons supposed to move like that ..i didnt hear them move like that when i got my m4 or even after i shot it the first time..any info would be great ..
  5. The field manual is pretty vague on oiling points. Basically any portion of the weapon that metal is moving on metal. The rails the bolt carrier group rides in are important. The tail on the rear of the bolt carrier group should be oiled well. The bolt head itself should be oiled well, but not on the face of it. The inside of the receiver should have a light coating. I don't oil the trigger pack too heavily. Put a light coating on the locking lugs of the barrel.


    The oil that is on the weapon from the factory is more of a rust preventative than a good lubricant.


    I've never used the Rio brand.

  6. Strangerdanger i havent used any oil looked like it was oiled up when i got it ..i shot some remmington the other night at the range..it was ok looks like i was getting 1 miss cycle to 9 shots..im a straight up noob to this m4 ..i got the oil that came with the m4 i guess i need to shoot it more..i had a case of estate traget game stuff ..shooting range didnt let me shoot it..have you guys ever used rio 00 buckshot ..i found a good deal on some stuff my kinda iffy on it ..will the manual give me a good point on where to oil ?

  7. Hey Thunder, It looks like SD covered your question. I also usually shoot Remington 00 buck. Try some break-in like SD described and get back to us with how things go.

  8. It sounds like you're in the break in process. Run the M4 pretty wet with oil on the bolt carrier group and on the tail piece that enters into the receiver extension. I just got a second M4 in yesterday, and it is a lot tighter than my older worn one.


    What I would do is get a few boxes of the 100 round value pack birdshot. This stuff is weak but will allow you to cheaply break in the weapon. I shoot the Remington buckshot from Walmart a lot. It is good stuff.


    What type of oil are you using on the M4? My new favorite is sold by LaRue. It is thick and stays where you put it. Make sure you do not oil the Argo system or the pistons. It makes a lot of mess and smoke.

  9. hookster i got my m4 monday i went to shoot last night..had some problems with ammo ..what ammo are you shooting ..in your m4 ..whats the best for cycle

  10. Hi strangerDanger.. i got my M4 monday went to shoot it and had some cycle problems with the ammo i was using ..remington buck .most of it was shooting good..but did have some half cycles when it didnt do auto reload..any help on ammo you would recommend ??? thanks

  11. StangerDanger thank for your help as well as hookster you guys are great with all the great info ..ill check that link on the t1 for more directions on that light grip mod you did..i think im going to bust it out.. on my m4. looks like my sidearmor shipped out today be here sometime this week...get my M4 this coming monday 2pm release shooting 4-5 pm .. after i hook my m4 up..or should i shoot it just stock then load all the goodies ..
  12. StangerDanger...the surefire website is giving a 120 lumens Max output..not talking bad about the M600c...i do like the M600c..you got that link on your write up of the grip handle mod you did on yours ?? how long is the cable on your switch? that you ran from your flash to your grip..jocking your set up man ..copying your m4:D
  13. hookster no info .guy sounded busy said it busy just on the ext barrels alone..with x-mas coming around i dont see him doing much other then the barrels with ppl wanting those in for x-mas gifts ..aye i was looking at that flash light you got i think thats what im going with as well but i want a swtch closer to my shooting hand ..something like strangerDanger did on his..i mite do the same ..the tlr-1 c4 puts out more lumens then the surefire 600c ..and its about 120.00 bux cheaper..like both ...how much did you get the switch on the back to add your extended switch? Hookster
  14. so im at work i pick up my phone kip at carriercomp calls says your ext barrel is in stock and ready to ship..it will be there this week....guess i dont have to wait the 4-6 week wait... ..all smiles here.. only placed order 2 days ago ..
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