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  1. Please excuse my ignorance, but I am trying to determine if the SBE2 can be used for deer hunting. Of course, my barrel is the standard 28" long smooth bore. Is that well enough, or do I need to get the rifled barrel? My problem is that I am left-handed, and I don't think that Benelli offers a lefty version of their rifled barrels. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. Excellent points agm65ccip. Thanks for your input.
  3. What is the best way to determine if a shooter needs to adjust the drop and/or cast?
  4. I am assuming that I am using the correct terminology.....! What are the pros and cons for the Benelli barrel to have ribs that decrease in height as it reaches the end of the muzzle? I notice on most other brands that the ribs remain the same height, along the entire length of the barrel.
  5. Benelli wanted you to spend the extra $$$ for the SBE2 so you could have the mid bead ! As for the design purpose, it's a "cheap" alternative to having an actual rear sight.
  6. Page 11 of the owner's manual states that the magazine can hold (3) 3" or (3) 2 3/4" rounds. I can get two rounds in the mag, but the third round goes in only half-way. Is it because of the tube limiter?
  7. The lefty SBE2 is my first auto-loader. And I'm not so sure that I am loading it properly; using snap caps for practice. I'm still trying to figure out the function of the cartridge drop lever and the carrier control button. The instructional booklet is not very helpful. Help!
  8. Is it okay to lightly oil the inside of the barrel?
  9. Thanks Matt D for the info...I think. I was guessing $50 to $75. This Benelli is going to cost me, just like my HK's !
  10. Anybody know where I can buy new lefty versions on the net?
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