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  1. I think I might have a good one here. A few months ago, I installed an aftermarket stock on my M4. It attaches by screwing into a plug at the end of the recoil spring tube. Naturally, when installing it, I used some loctite and cranked it down a bit. Last week, I removed said screw to install a new sling plate between the stock and reciever. When I had backed the screw out, the plug (which is threaded into the end of the tube) and the recoil spring itself came out instead! I was left with the screw stuck in the plug with the stock in the middle. Long story short, to separate them, I p
  2. chriskc04

    HK Handguns

    I have an HK45 and love it. Favorite gun I've ever owned. I even outshoot some guys with Glock 19s in IPSC. The trigger will be a little ugly when you first get it, but HK triggers do "break in". The general consensus seems to be that the two big new .45s out are the M&P45 and the HK45. M&P is the best bang for the buck, HK is the more bomb-proof. Both are excellent. I come from more of a Sig background, so I chose the DA/SA one. I'm now in the market for an HK45c for CCW work. HK has started producing the HK45s in the US now. This had a lot of guys scared, but EVERYONE I'v
  3. To make it easy: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SearchResults.aspx?Keywords=20160
  4. Benelli has a nice "Find a dealer" function. I'd call your local shops. You could also search gunbroker. If you're talking about model#20160, the going rate seems to be somewhere around $450 new, although I paid $500 for mine recently :-/
  5. Man, that's unfortunate. At first glance, they look like they would... I'd post a link, but since my post count must be over 5, the board won't allow me to.
  6. My first Benelli and my first post on the forum... This is a good day. I bought (and fired) a supernova today and LOVE it. I've been more of an 870 guy in the past, but LOVE everything about the supernova... except the length of pull. It's a little long for me. I have the supernova with pistol grip (#20160). I understand the comfortech stocks come with different inserts to adjust the LOP. I've looked around for something similar for the PG stock to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any help or direction.
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