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  1. stevenm2


    i cant get black cloud ammo so maybe not a good choice for me ..... i hear though the combo of ammo and choke is great
  2. Hi guys, i am looking to buy a new barrel for my sbe 2 in black .... anyone selling one or know where to buy? Im in the UK
  3. hi whats the spec on your sbe2? i ve got one, 26inch barrels in max4 hd

  4. stevenm2


    what type are u using?
  5. stevenm2


    thanks guys for the replies .... i dont know many people over here (n.ireland) that shoot benelli's so i appreciate all the feedback. I know they are big in america so that why i put this up on the forums .... Regards to all
  6. do you know of anywhere to buy the tubes in the uk ?

  7. stevenm2


    yeah true, thanks for the info .... i usually shoot 1/4 or ic for most game shooting and then 1/2 or m for steel for geese or ducks etc.... Apparantly the briley or carlson extended tubes are good!
  8. stevenm2


    i have heard mixed reviews of extended chokes, some say they produce more consistent patterns and some say they dont make a difference ..... that why i wanted a mixture of opinion .... i shot with extended chokes on my winchester sx3 and i thought they patterened better than the facory ones that came with it!
  9. stevenm2


    nothing 'wrong' with 'em, but alot of people swear by extended or ported chokes ... and i think they look good also .... any ideas?
  10. thanks people for your responses ..... i think i will stick with my sbe2, might buy some accessories for it ..... ideas for that would be welcomed!!
  11. hi there, what are you shooting yourself?

  12. if youve got any ideas, i'd appreciate them. . . .
  13. i do a we bit of greylag goose shooting and we have some mallard and teal too ..... i had issues with my magazone extesion, my gun was crimped ad i couldnt install the one i bought ..... sadly
  14. stevenm2


    Quick query, i'm looking to buy extended chokes for my benelli sbe2 ..... i do mixed shooting ..... so probably looking at 1/4 and 1/2 chokes ... steel proofed would be preferable ... Thats uk sizes so for americans etc emm IC and M? is that right .... Just wanted some first hand advice or reviews. regards to all
  15. thanks, i noticed the placement of the safety too .... im not too sure what to make of its looks and style ..... have you bought any accessories for your sbe2? im looking to spend a bit of cash ... haha whats the shooting like where you live?
  16. hi there, long time no talk, hows things>? still using an m2? did i tell u about the trouble i had with mag extension?>

  17. thanks for the reply, i thought the vinci was very light when i lifted it .... the sbe2 is a great gun ..... do u have an extended mag on it ?
  18. I currently own a SBE2 in advantage max 4 hd, 26inch barrel .... should i trade it in for a Vinci? Any thoughts? Most of my shooting is at woodpigeon, ducks, geese and occasional woodcock and pheasant etc? I have only seen one vinci so far, not very common yet in the u.k.... Anyone reccomend one or have an opinion? Regards ... Steve
  19. Hi guy. Is great to see all this pictures from the U.S etc, i am from n.ireland and its hard to get a good bit of waterfowling over here without having to pay big money for it .... just back from the weekend there, managaed to decoy and call in a mixed bag of mallard, teal and widgeon ..... didn't shoot any though just nice to see .... The night after i went back down and bagged myself a lovely mallard.... Regards to all .... pics to follow! Check out my profile, i have a few geese that i tumbled with my M2 and then me SBE2
  20. i will try and get a pic to show you soon. it isnt crimped at the end it is crimped exactly two cartridge lengths up from the bottom of the tube where u load the shells into it. from what i have read it is factory crimped to comply with UK firearms legislation. The Nordic tube screws on ok but the cimped bit will not allow the follower to go up into it. Its annoying like i have the tube on ebay atm if anyone is interested! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Benelli-Magazine-Extension_W0QQitemZ120520565245QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_SportingGoods_Hunting_ShootingSports_ET?hash=item1c0f9
  21. Its crimped just beyond the follower - thsi mean when u take out the end cap you can not remove the follower! So i cant isntall any type of extension sadly!
  22. in the uk the factory magazine is crimped to only allow two rounds underneath - the tube is crimped therefore i can not take out the follower..... any ideas?
  23. Hi, i bought a nordic componenets 8 shot mag extension for a benelli m2. It came yesterday i opened the packet and found out i cant install it because the factory magazine is crimped and i can not remove the follower! I am looking to sell the magazine extension and spring! Anyone interested? It is being sold as 'New' PM or reply to this if you are interested.
  24. Hi I ordered a nordic component 8 shot extension tube for my M2. Took it all apart to realsie i cant get the follower out because the tube is crimped!!! Can i replace the existing tube so it is not crimped or what do i do? I have an m2 in pieces, an extension and clamp BUT i can't get the factory (red) follower out because it is crimped to (to restrict it)!!! HELP PLEASE!! steve
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