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  1. http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/pid=0/sid=916/schematicsdetail/M4 Is item 76 the follower with red disk? All it says is "follower pin", but it clearly is not a pin in the diagram, and costs more than all other "pins". also- what spare parts do you keep around, for when parts are no longer available?
  2. For a shotgun in home defense? I was going to do the 8mm Triji RMR, but doing an Eotech 552 with 65MOA circle with quadrant ticks with 1 MOA aiming dot. Either way, want easy to see for fast aquisition- especially if youre getting older.
  3. i was told by Benelli on the phone that a dealer has to order spare parts, or from Brownells. Dealers tell me anything from Benelli takes forever to come in(my local dealer dropped them becasue of this); Brownells does not show firing pin, firing pin spring, etc.
  4. The swivel is for the M1014, not the M4. That is why it doesnt seemt to fit (was told this by Mesa at the time.) To install on the M4, yes- my inlaw, the process engineer, drill pressed the metal insert of the handle and the handle to widen it to the M1014 size. Its been working like a charm 2+ years with no issues.
  5. hehehe-if you look on the map, Upland is about a 20-30 minute drive from Proforce Law Enforcement's store . Months ago, he wouldn't comment on the meaning of that and how he has all of these C-stocks . Don't bother-Proforce says they don't have them. (Proforce is the place you can get the factory Benelli extension tube for about $72 while they're $150+ on Gunbroker.) Anyway, Skeeter- what rail is that? B&T? What are you using for the magazine? Is it the stock (ie imported) magazine with a USA parkerized extension?
  6. Its $230 shipped free from some sites.
  7. question- for in home (narrow halls, small distances, etc) for M4- single or double point sling?
  8. My tube arrived- but i didnt get the snap ring plyers yet. Ill make sure i have bar-b-q gloves on or something after i heat the tube with the heatgun!
  9. Skeeter- dont you have a c-stock? are you using a sling?
  10. not too difficult- i'm getting faster at it. the tricky part is that pin holding the trigger assembly. they told me on here that newer ones are tight until they are undone a few times- dont slip & scratch your gun trying to push it in!
  11. agreed- i shot off a bunch yesterday - but got bored on the trap field making confetti of the torso target taped onto the metal patterning board (you cant use the rifle range itself if anyone else is there at our club )
  12. yep-thats the one I said I saw at TSG. I was wondering what could attach to the hole on the rear of the stock itself-any kind of swivel? There already is a slot for a belt-type of sling attachement.
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