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  1. I have a LNIB Sidearmor Mod 2 full length top rail system and has the 6mm channel down the middle for sighting with your iron sights. This is a spare, new from Sidearmor that I thought I was going to build on another M4, but I never bought the other M4. It weighs in at 12.1 oz and is really a great addition to your thunder stick. It does not come with a shell carrier because I was not sure which one I was going with. You can find them here... http://www.sidearmor.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=28&zenid=2mst8p32ilc8o1dgmbeoiiqeh0 Sells new for $309.95, I will let it go for $275.00 Shipped and insured! Here are some photos of the actual rail and the other one I have already mounted on my M4. Come get a great deal at my expense.... If you feel this is an unfair deal, please make an offer... Sold to barometric...
  2. It's a little nose heavy when loaded, but still very managable...
  3. Gas Piston Complicating the Army search for higher reliability in the M4 is a number of observations of M4 gas piston alternatives that suffer unintended design problems. The first is that many of the gas piston modifications for the M4 isolate the piston so that piston jams or related malfunction require the entire weapon be disassembled, such disassembly cannot be performed by the end user and requires a qualified armorer to perform out of field, where as any malfunction with the direct-impingement system can be fixed by the end user in field. The second is that gas piston alternatives use an off-axis operation of the piston that can introduce carrier tilt, whereby the bolt carrier fails to enter the buffer tube at a straight angle resulting in part wearing. The third is that the use of a sound suppressor results in hot gases entering the chamber, regardless of a direct-gas impingement or gas piston design choice.[77][78] (Take note though at the last sentence.) “ We left with 72 men in our platoon and came back with 19, Believe it or not, you know what killed most of us? Our own rifle. Practically every one of our dead was found with his [M16] torn down next to him where he had been trying to fix it. - Marine Corps Rifleman, Vietnam.[29] ” (Sorry, I just had to take something out of context. I know this was due to the lack of a chrome bore.) And what's the forward assist for again??? Be honest... Anyway, it's been fun bantering back and forth Unobtainium, God bless and Merry Christmas.
  4. OK, let's break it down by you highlighted replies. Red highlight #1: yes all weapons require training. But It is a proven fact that the AR requires actual hands on instruction to just maintain and clean the darn rifle. others also, but as I said (in my opinion) I think GP systems are easier to maintain and clean. Do you think you can go to the desert and hand a untrained farmer any of the mentioned rifles and the AR would come out on top? Really? Oil in your DI rifle or weapon over there is especially not a friend. Hence the reason moly coats and cerakote are used to keep them dry and yet still function. #2:The answer as I already stated is yes, and an extended safety will help those with handicaps. I can easily function it with my forefinger with either style safety without changing my grip. As for mag changes, I can manipulate the change about the same as any other platform. I guess I just prefer accuracy over speed so I do not need to change mags as often. Just because you can spray, pray and reload fast, it does not make you the better rifleman and winner. #3: please refer to #1 #4: "I can maintain my M4 perfectly fine without anything cut a couple of punches, normal cleaning supplies, a hammer, and a screw-driver (for field-staking the gas-key, if required)." This is my point, does every soldier carry this into combat with them? Most of the GP rifles especially the AK and Aug can be completely broke down and with the ease of nothing more than a cartridge to do so (if needed). And it requires much less skill , hence a battle rifle criteria. Easy to maintain and repair. I know you like your AR, and I said it's a good platform, just not the platform I consider an optimal battle rifle. ( in my opinion) #5: I know why you did it, I just think it was polluted and inaccurate even for the reasons you explain. Could have found a truer representation of the point you were trying to bring. There are some good data points to be found on them as well as inaccurate and simply idiotic on both forums. #6: I simply disagree, and the second paragraph of my post I think I was pretty clear. How about you? I have about a dozen certifications and lost count on the number of schools and classes I've attended to go with paragraph 2. But all of this is my opinion and experience. Not just forum BS! #7: Never had a problem, I have owned at least 7 different Augs and never had worse than 1.5" out to 100 yards, a little over 3" at 200 yards and a Lot has to do with the operator. For a battle rifle, it is well within acceptance for me and many of the armies in the world. But of course I have to yield to the AK as the most used world wide. Wonder why that is??? As for the last statement, I disagree... Sorry! #8: I agree! #9: Yes, and again I refer to the second to last paragraph. In must say it is physically impossible to take note of the difference in 1-3 db. With equipment yes, but not enough To the naked ear to make a big deal of it. And finally! # 10: I agree!!! Please read the whole post, this is my extensive experience and opinion only. Take it for what it's worth. I'm not here to turn you to the light and make you see the real truth. Just an old retired cops opinion.
  5. I have to chime in here, I was not going to, but I can't help myself. Now, I have 30+ years of firearms field use, training and teaching. I have used more variants of guns than I can count and in reality have put more rounds down range than most here. Personally, I have nothing against the AR, I have owned, shot, and sold every one of them I have owned. It is OK, but just not what I believe a battle rifle should be. A Battle rifle should be easy to shoot, maintain and repair. The AR requires training! As seen in the video and I am sure we all can agree on this. Shooting it takes practice and even more skill level to operate it above other platforms. Maintenance is a MUST for this rifle, DI especially, but also in GP. The DI rifles are (for me) more difficult to clean. GP much easier. As for repairs, Well, All I can say is, you either have lots of experience and training or you let the qualified armorer or gunsmith help you. Now to list a few GP rifles that I personally have tested and found worthy of the name battle rifle. I think the most widely used rifle is the AK, I know some of you have tried beating this rifle up, but it's longevity and track record kicks all the others butt! There are crap made AK's just like crap made AR's, and if I had to pick the one rifle to grab and go to war with, it would be a good quality AK, with good quality ammo. This is just for ammo and parts availability alone, not to mention you cant hardly make it stop running. The few videos Unobtainium posted show Ammo malfunction more than than rifle malfunction. I would venture to say the full auto malfunction was either a squib load or an overcharged round. A lesser rifle would have been catastrophic, but all he did was loose his top dust cover on the receiver when it over pressured, the bolt and spring remained intact and where they belonged. The other was a bad round or magazine. He cleared it fairly easy. Sorry, but you need to be fair! This rifle will run with little maintenance, a monkey can operate it, and repairs are just a matter of swapping out the parts that the operator can perform themselves. Also an overlooked rifle, but of excellent quality and build design way before it's time is a Steyr Aug. Again, easy to shoot and handle, very easy to maintain, and repair is as easy as swapping out the modular parts system. Very soldier friendly and is actually being picked up by some of our special forces now due to its bullpup design and all I have mentioned. FN scar is a great platform basically having much of the same qualities as the Aug. It just is missing the bullpup design which I cherish most. To also qualify, I have shot every one of these rifles with suppressors both AAC and Surefire and find that blow back is at a minimum and very little if any which is about the same as with the DI system. I will say in closing, I think the GP systems on AR's is a makeshift system to bridge the gap. The AR system is design as a DI system and it was forced and remade to work as a GP. I think the AR GP is not as well designed as other system mentioned, because AK's, Aug's and FN's were designed as GP systems and perform better, in my opinion. I have sold all of my DI systems and work only with GP systems or a Bolt system. As for the closest thing I have near an AR platform it is a Sig 556. Again, It was designed as a GP system from the beginning and is of the few that were made with original Swiss parts in the very beginning. My primary weapon is one of 2 Aug's, with AAC suppressors, Also in the lineup is a custom Arsenal AK that I built a few years ago. By the way it has the Steyr made barrel in it ) , My GP operated Benelli M4 ;o) and a few bolt rifles. So, I think the most that can be said, in response to the original video is Training!!!
  6. Just to back you up a little H&K, I must be the bigger idiot, because I read it three times and still did not get it either???
  7. .. For me, and I speak for myself, I do not see time deminished or control of the weapon an issue set up as it is. A smaller person might feel uncomfortable, but I have handled it both ways and would much rather have the extra shells handy for a speedy reload than worry about a little weight. I find it well balanced and very controllable. For me, it's just as fast in CQT situation.
  8. Love my SideArmor, Jeff makes great stuff. I have the 8 shell carrier and two forward carriers. I agree, I wished the side rails were removable, but I still use this with the surefire m80 and it works fine. If I did not have mine I would buy it in a New York minute. Great price.
  9. Kip is top shelf, end of story...
  10. " For those of us who can afford the "FINER" more valuable weapons!!" And you can afford this now? You must of hit the lotto and are flush again! ;o) I went through the same issue and I can afford the finer things of life if I save my pennies. But to buy the engraved flag and other issues that are mentioned, just was not where I wanted to go. I already have had to change enough on my gun to get it to where I wanted and as soon as I complete the Cerakote job on it, I'll officially be done with this one. I have it in the shop broke down and will soon decide on my color scheme. I went ahead and spell checked your quote so you are all good now. lol... Just razing ya skeeter... Buy what makes you feel warm and fuzzy man. Welcome to whats left of America, we can still choose for ourselves for now. Just keep the darn thing this time.... Happy hunting....
  11. Hang on tight kiddies, this could be a rough ride....
  12. Heck, I believe in Texas they offer subsidies and tax breaks for anything that goes bang! I truly need to move there.... Where's a good place to land in Texas H&K? I've been looking at doing that for some time now. I would like to hope the heat there is a little drier than here in Florida. I know there are great places to live there and not so great. Who better to ask than a Texan.
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