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  1. Finally got a couple of real storms, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Winds were from 20-40 mph. with 2-4 inches of rain. Our club borders the Sacramento Wildlife refuge on the closed side, seemed everybody got limits of ducks, geese were not flying. Any other storm reports would be fun to read.
  2. Old Dog

    Hi All

    I am new so this is probably old news. The B,BE are shipped with so much protective grease they need to be broken down and totally cleaned and relubed before they are used or they gum up right away. Since I cleaned mine I have shot over 1000 3's and 3.5's through it and have not hung one shell. Also for some reason they don't shoot the cheaper shells like "Fast Steel" or "Kents" very well. I was told, so this is second hand, that the brass on some cheaper shells is not made to real close tolerances so they have a tendency to not cycle as fast and to hang.
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